Essays on Transport and Distribution Management Coursework

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The paper “ Transport and Distribution Management” is a well-turned example of the coursework on management. Material handling and storage systems are integrated into the operations of companies to facilitate the production process. These systems can at times pose challenges in their use, especially when dealing with material handling systems, which is due to the production process they undertake. In an effort to facilitate exploration and refining of oil, oil companies have also integrated these systems into their operations. Saudi Aramco is one of the many oil companies, which has adopted the use of material handling systems in its operations.

It is located in Saudi Arabia and is probably one of the largest oil companies in the world. The official name of the company in Saudi Arabia Oil Company, and originally it only took part in the exploration of crude oil but with the rise in demands it opened up refineries and started refining its crude oil. It has several wells spread out in the kingdom to facilitate the refining of the crude oil mined. The company’ s main customer is the United States due to the partnership that exists between Saudi Arabia oil company andStorage media systemThe storage media system is integral in each and every company as it determines how the company’ s products reach their customers.

An effective storage media system also ensures that the products of a company are not damaged as they await distribution to the customers. There are various systems that Saudi Aramco can incorporate in the storage of their products. It can use storage media systems to store both raw material and finished products. In relation to raw material, a proper storage system would ensure that the company is capable of coming up with a better and product of high quality.

Additionally, the fact that Saudi Aramco is an oil-based company means that the company should select a storage system that can store liquid form products. However, for a company to pick a storage media system there are certain factors that it has to put into consideration. These factors ensure that companies select the best possible storage system that will meet their operations.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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