Essays on The Role of Organizational Culture in Pike Place Fishs Quest to Be World-Famous Assignment

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The paper "The Role of Organizational Culture in Pike Place Fishs Quest to Be World-Famous" is a worthy example of an assignment on management. What does it mean at Pike Place Fish to be world-famous? Why does it take some new employees months to understand this concept? At Pike Place Fish, being world-famous means making a difference in the lives of customers and others with whom they come into contact with. For the owners and incorporators who thought of including ‘ world-famous’ in their logo, the terms indicate the commitment and genuine dedication to serve their customers by not only providing outstanding service but making a difference in their lives through being appreciated. It would usually take new employees months to understand the concept because as new employees, they need to share and learn the experience and the commitment to serve.

The concept could not be observed only from an outsiders’ viewpoint; as employees, they need to be part of the team and contribute their knowledge, talents, and skills towards serving their customers. What role does organizational culture play in Pike Place Fish’ s quest to be world-famous?

Why are other firms such as Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf adopting the “ fish” philosophy?                       Organizational culture plays a significant role in Pike Place Fish’ s quest to be world-famous through acknowledging and recognizing diversity in culture and respecting other people’ s beliefs, values, and traditions. Despite the diversity, Pike Place Fish’ s commitment to be world-famous enables them to serve people from various cultural orientations and backgrounds and share with them the experience of being appreciated as a customer and as individuals.                       Other firms such as Coffee Bean & Tea Loaf have adopted the “ fish” philosophy because they recognized that by using this philosophy organizational performance increase through the integration of a fun culture and encouraging employees to be creative and innovative.

As a result, customers are satisfied with the service and keep coming back for more. How does Pike Place Fish create the context for workers to reach their maximum potential? What roles do socialization and mentoring play in creating and nurturing this atmosphere?                       Pile Place Fish creates a conducive environment of encouraging employees to reach their maximum potential by encouraging them to think outside the box and giving them the opportunity to be creative and to manage themselves.

The inspirational management style has been the driving force that motivates the employees to perform at their best.                       Socialization and mentoring play crucial roles in creating a conducive atmosphere at Pike Place Fish. Through socialization, both employees and customers learn from each other by exchanging ideas and through open communication. On the other hand, employees who need a hand at learning new skills or tasks are assisted through mentoring or coaching where the aim was to empower the learner to fully develop the skills and thereby achieve their personal and professional goals.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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