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Conclusion: 11Reference: 12Russell, R. S., and Taylor, B. W., (2009). Operations Management Along The Supply Chain, 6Th Ed. Wiley Book. Pp33112Cooke, W. N., (2003). Multinational companies and global human resource strategies. Greenwood Publishing. Pp132-13512Raymond, A. G., (2009). Creating a Furniture factory for the future. Retrieved May 13, 2010, < http: //www. raymondnet. com/AGRCo-Articles/Articles/a_g_raymond_furniture_factory_for_the_future_060509.pdf> 12Lake, H., (2008). Analysis of Human Resource Management Practices. Report from Indonesia’s Labor Intensive Light manufacturing Industries. Retrieved May 13, 2010, < http: //pdf. usaid. gov/pdf_docs/PNADQ565.pdf> 12Colbert, B. A, (2004). ‘The complex Resource Based view: Implementation for theory and Practice in Strategic Human Resource Management’. Academy of Management Review, 29(3) pp341-35813Mitchell, D.

J. B., (2001). ‘IR journal and conference literature from the 1960s to the 1990s: What can HR learn from it? Where is it headed? ’ Human Resource Management Issue. 11(4). pp375-393 13Volpe, C. E., (1996). ‘The impact of cross-training on team functioning: an empirical investigation’. Journal of Human Factors. Vol. 38.13IntroductionTaking a strategic approach to human resource management would mean that the company has to take decisions regarding its HR functions not in isolation but in the context of the overall culture of the company, the existing system of feedback to and fro employees that helps the organization align itself with personal goals and functions (Massy, 1994).

A strategic approach also requires that the organization makes an assessment of global and the immediate human resource environment within which the organization is required to function; it also means that an organization has to ensure that the there is in place a system that forecast and readies itself in accordance with the human resource requirements that are most likely to arise (Das and Waqar, 2007). In companies with a commitment to quality job training is extensive and varied.

Expectations for performance and advancements from both the employees and the management tend to be high (Colbert, 2004). Executive SummaryTypically, numerous courses are available for training in different jobs and functions (Russell and Taylor, 2009). Job training is considered part of a structured career development system that includes cross training and job rotation. This system of training and job rotation enhances the flexibility of the production process. It helps the creation of a talent reserve that could be used as need arises when products or processes change or the workforce is reduced.

The following report will outline a training program for a medium size furniture company with emphasis on mid level training. The report would outline the strategic integration of human resource management aims with the overall aims of the company and based on this it would outline a program of training. The report concludes with the prerequisite need fulfillmnent ofr the success of the program. Strategic ApproachIdeally, a strategic approach will also make space for a system that analyses the job functions and does a competency audit of the employees.

Beside these, the strategic approach cannot under any circumstances forego the traditional functions that are associated with a successful HR management program of any given firm. These would in turn include:

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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