Essays on Leadership Direction and Employment Survey Assignment

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The paper "Leadership Direction and Employment Survey" Is a wonderful example of a Management Assignment. The hotels ought to develop sources of energy that are renewable, such as biomass, wind, hydro, solar, and ocean. The coordinators of hotels ought to put emphasis on geothermal energy. For instance, hotels should use solar energy for boiling water. Developments of energy sources that are renewable as well as energy efficiency are the main concern of hotels on a regional multinational basis. To that effect, they ought to accelerate the implementation of energy-efficiency initiatives. Nonetheless, transport and communication need to be addressed by the coordinators.

A number of challenges and changes have been presented with the liberalization of communication in regional multinational hotels. In fact, the market’ s smaller size has minimized the price of liberalization, particularly through the economy of scales. Thereby, the management of the hotels needs to assess the information management role. This is due to the rapid growth of ICTs (Information and Communication Technology). Nevertheless, the hotels need to address policy regulation, design, and implementation, so as to ensure that the hotel is capable of operating well to the region where it is situated.

For example, the hotels need: to facilitate the effect of science and technology on their development; to address the value of culture; and to escalate public awareness through advertisement (Koivisto 1992, 73). The control mechanisms that can be put in place to ensure that businesses are operating well The management of the hotel should: act in interests of the hotel and in way that is characterized by fairness, articulacy, and accountability; assess and supervise the overall performance of management; implementation of policies, operating costs, and corporate plans; make sure that the hotels comply with the necessary codes of ethics, laws, and regulations; ensure that the communication between hotels and shareholders is sufficient, accurate, and effective; implement a system that stabilizes and checks, and which apply to the management (where authority or power will be equally distributed) and the open and free process, which permits consequential participation by external auditors who are independent; and regular assessment of the efficiency and performance of the entire management, as well as on individual basis (Koivisto 1992, 79). Feedback on workers performance basing on their cultural context Culture refers to accepted behaviors, suppositions, and morals that are successfully passed to new employees.

Typically, the culture will commence the moment a group of individuals is faced with challenges. Thus, the observation and interpretation of individuals to the surrounding business can result in a number of beliefs. For example, employees who identify themselves with the organization’ s culture are expected to work harder for the corporate to be successful. If culture has been established, it can act as a tool for management as it will guide the behavior of workers with no steady or unconcealed supervision.

Thereby, managers ought to be careful while instilling organizational cultural values, especially the cultural extent will be strong.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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