Essays on Schools Science Program Case Study

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The paper "School’ s Science Program" is a worthy example of a case study on education. Apart from a few sub-problems identified in the case study, the main problem is deterioration performance in the school’ s science program. This deterioration is a result of two factors, inadequate learning materials for the science program and failure of science teachers in the school to major in science. However, in a problem-solving process both teachers and students need to get involved (Wetherill, 14). The Chief school administrator and all principals around the district need also to be contacted in order to acquire solutions to the problems outlined in the school’ s science program.   Over the past five years, the school’ s science program has experienced a shortage of learning materials resulting in deterioration of student performance.

Those doing the science program are observed to perform poorly in their examinations and therefore, becoming difficult for them to end up into better universities or colleges. Another observation is that there has been a decrease in the number of students joining the advanced science classes due to poor teaching practices.

Many of the science teachers are not skilled enough because they have not majored in science, meaning science is their second teaching field. (Wetherill 21). However, in order to come up with better solutions, we need to look at a number of issues. Students and teachers should be involved in the problem-solving process where students should be motivated and shown the purpose of performing well in the science program. Those teachers that get an opportunity in the school should have the required skills in the science program. The Chief school administrator and the surrounding Principals in the district need to be consulted as well, in order to help influence the board of education in offering instructional budget.

Instructional budget can, therefore, be used to raise learning materials required in the science program as well as other reading programs in the entire school. In addition, a part of the potential positive consequences of the instructional budget in providing learning materials in the school, the negative consequences are that many academic departments tend to fill jealousy about matters of the budget hence misusing it (Wetherill 32). In conclusion, a number of issues highlighted in the case study are clearly revealed in the paper.

It reveals the problems encountered by the school’ s science program and how a problem-solving process sets in to tackle these problems. However, the outcome is that the school’ s science program gets improved in terms of learning materials and calls for better performance for the entire students.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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