Essays on Supply Chain Concepts and Supply Chain Management at Dell Case Study

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The paper “ Supply Chain Concepts and Supply Chain Management at Dell“ is an excellent variant of case study on management. This paper looks at analyzing the manner in which the supply chain network has been designed and used in Dell. The paper will evaluate the mechanism through which supply chain management has helped Dell to gain better penetration in the market. The paper will then provide details regarding the manner in which different initiative of the supply chain has been identified and used by Dell. The paper will then follow in providing details regarding the supply chain concepts and innovation which has helped them to control risk and ensure better business prospects.

The paper will thereby help to understand the overall prospectus through which overall business prospects have been developed and supply chain network has been developed by Dell. Supply Chain Management at DellThe supply chain at Dell has undergone tremendous changes and uses a process that has helped in better inventory management. This process has enabled Dell to reduce the carrying inventory and has thereby cut down cost and ensured better efficiency in operations.

The business uses a different mechanism in the supply chain process as the use of technology like and mechanisms like RFID has enabled them to track inventory in a better way. This mechanism has helped Dell to manage inventory through the use of bar codes an provide an opportunity through which tracking of inventory becomes better. Using barcodes has enabled the business to ensure no leakages and has thereby provided an opportunity through which the management of resources has become better. In addition to developing the supply chain network, Dell has also looked towards using a process of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which looks to coordinate the different functions of planning, production and selling so that customer needs can be better met.

This mechanism has been developed keeping in mind the supply chain, customer need which has thereby helped to fill the different needs of the customers in a better way. This mechanism has integrated and developed its supply chain in such a manner that it ensures timely delivery of products to the customer at the appropriate time. This process has also helped Dell to ensure a better vendor management system as integrating the same with the supply chain has enabled to keep track of the suppliers and ensure that goods are supplied to the organization as per the requirements.

This process has also standardized the process of receiving raw materials and has thereby multiplied the overall opportunity through which business fundamentals can grow. The vendor management process has helped to keep the cost of procurement of goods to below, ensure a standardized supply of raw materials and ensure better tracking of vendors which has thereby improved the overall mechanism of managing the resources. The different mechanism which Dell has followed has helped Dell to improve the overall mechanism through which different functioning is carried out at Dell.

This has given the organization an advantage as compared to its competitors and has gradually shaped the manner in which different activities are being carried out. The supply chain mechanism at Dell has enabled them to ensure that different functions and areas work together which has thereby enabled them to consolidate their position and improve the overall productivity by reducing the bottlenecks which are present in the system.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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