Essays on Mobile Freelance Hairdressing and Kid-Friendly Apps Assignment

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The paper "Mobile Freelance Hairdressing and Kid-Friendly Apps" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. Most people start a business and fail because of, not considering, essential factors before starting a business. It is important to consider considering those factors to have a successful business.   Mobile freelance hairdressing One of the business ideas is coming setting up with mobile hairdressing services. The need for a mobile salon is very wide especially as people live longer then there is an increasing need for services to these people. They do not need only about health care services they also need to look great at the comfort of their homes.

For someone who is employed full time getting time to go to the salons is only in the evening. In most cases at times, the salon could be fully booked, closed or one is tired to have their hair done at night. To someone with kids getting time to go to the salon is also not easy. Finally, most people fancy having their hair done at their comfort and nowhere is more comfortable than in their own home not forgetting the handicapped people (Fallon).

The service entails traveling to customers to have their hair and nails done at the comfort of their homes. The business has nothing but potential growths, considering the baby boomer are joining the senior citizen category, to help them look good at the comfort of their homes (Fallon). The importance of having a mobile hairdressing service is because it is not only easy for the client but also to the owner. The owner is very flexible, such that to those with another job they are able to follow their dreams without disrupting the existing schedule.

Operating mobile hairdressing is less expensive, than when it is done in the salon, this is because there are not as many overhead costs, like rent, building maintenance and utilities. In addition, since there is no building involved, and then there is less insurance coverage. The unique thing about mobile hairdressing is that one will defiantly have many customers because of the added convenience to the customer, especially during weekends and evenings.

The only thing that one needs to do is be cautious when selecting the customer for the sake of security. Kid-friendly apps Kids are defiantly the future customers, for this reason; getting their loyalty now, it is not a bad idea. Statistics show that most kid today has access to a mobile device, approximately 35 percent of kids of ages between 5 and 15 years old use these devices on a regular basis. Their interest in these devices has been enhanced by the availability of engaging games and apps. For this reason, designed apps or products just for kids will create a big business.

The app should be educative and promote good health this will tend to attract the attention of most parents (Fallon). Having these apps on the phone will be of diverse benefit to the kid. Just to name a few the app will help the kid to facilitate in-depth learning, advance preparation for classes, foster imagination and keep kids engaged thus, they do not have time to engage in other social vices (Fallon). Designing an app is not expensive what is required is the level of creativity, for one to come up with an app that attracts attention then they must be creative having in mind the safety of the kids.

The uniqueness of the kid-friendly app is that it does not only educate on schoolwork, but it also keeps the kids busy and away from social vices. An important factor to note when starting a business is that for one to have a successful business, one should have full knowledge of the business. An entrepreneur should be able to describe the business details to anybody.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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