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The paper "Brand Growth Strategies" is a brilliant example of a literature review on marketing.   Imagine the world all around. Everywhere one turns his head, brand names pop up for one to consider, buy, and make part of one’ s life. Daily one sees images of such products as Coca-Cola products, Nike, Wal-Mart, McDonald's, Starbucks, and others. One can’ t help but make a brand name product an extension of one’ s lifestyle or well being. Also, no matter where one may be, whether it is listening to a radio commercial, seeing a television ad, or glancing through a newspaper centerfold, the world of top brand advertising invades the senses.

That is just it. The world of brand name consumerism, as Peters (1997) indicates is “ inescapable. ” It is part of life, work, and play. It is a reflection of modern culture. There is no thinking twice about it. Also when watching a feature-length film with a top-notch movie star, popular or familiar products one may find in his or her own home catch the eye. The well-known movie star, for example, could be wearing brand-name clothing (i. e.

Levi’ s jeans), driving a brand-name vehicle (i. e. Lexus), or drinking a brand-name soda (i. e. Sprite). If one admires that actor, one could be more than likely inclined to go out and buy that same product. Remember what happened in the “ Wayne’ s World” movies? Furthermore, one may find one’ s self, as an employee, entering a meeting where a marketing consultant could be giving a motivational speech. That marketing consultant, after having studied and reviewed the consumer culture and how to best reach out to the average person with a brand-name item, could be saying something like, “ It’ s not that people have a poor image of your brand.

It’ s more about the fact that people simply don’ t think of your brand at all, particularly when they’ re in a buying situation. You need to increase your brand’ s salience. If your brand can come to mind for more people when they’ re about to buy from the category, this will affect your brand’ s growth. ” At that point in time, one’ s immediate reaction is to step back and think about how true and consistent that statement sounds with what is known about brand growth strategies and buyer behavior. Tan (2007, p.

4) points out that without somehow reaching out to the consumer, the selling of a brand-name product would be fruitless. It is like showcasing a product for the very first time for public viewing without an explanation of its benefits or usefulness. Brand salience equates to the power of teaching the buyer about a particular product’ s quality, value, benefit, and long-lasting appeal. Marketing of the product, on a continual basis, becomes key through word of mouth, billboard advertisements, radio commercials, and television ads.

One may ask oneself self how often one has seen an advertisement for a particular product, for example, on television, in one day. The answer would more than likely be more than once.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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