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The paper 'Business Companion to Financial Markets' is a great example of a Business Case Study. J Sainsbury is a leading food retailer in England that consists of a total of 707 convenient stores and 597 supermarkets, Sainsbury’ s property, Sainsbury’ s online, and Sainsbury’ s Bank (J Sainsbury 2016). Sainsbury’ s chain of supermarkets has been the longest-serving main food retailing chain that was first opened in 1869. The brand has been established on a heritage of offering customers healthy, fresh, safe, and tasty food. The company currently distinguishes itself through providing its consumers with products of high quality, at fair prices, while emphasizing the freshness of the food, innovation and sustainable leadership, and an ethical approach that is strong.

The products offered at Sainsbury are developed and improved to make sure that the organization leads when it comes to the integrity of sourcing and the ingredients used. The goal of the company is to improve the experience of its customers while shopping by offering them products of great quality at relatively fair prices. They aim at exceeding the expectations of the customers regarding offering safe, healthy, tasty, and fresh food, thus facilitating easier lives for the customers each day.

This paper shall conduct a strategic analysis of the company and make recommendations that, if upheld, would facilitate the company’ s sustainability in the future. Sainsbury’ s Strategic PositionAccording to Johnson, et al (2008 p. 148), competitive positioning is the role of the competitors in the market that influences their marketing programs and strategies. Immediately after the 2008 global recession, Sainsbury successfully repositioned itself as a supermarket that is highly reliable in helping individuals to live well yet cheaply by offering them tasty and high-quality food at prices that could be deemed fair.

As such, the shared perception of Sainsbury among customers in the United Kingdom (UK) is cheap quality food. The company strategy is different from others as it did not embrace the common price-driven strategies or price wars including the low-price-low-quality approach (Pietersen 2010, p. 174).


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