Essays on Product Development, Promotion, and Distribution Strategy for iPad Case Study

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The paper "Product Development, Promotion, and Distribution Strategy for iPad" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing.   The report highlights various marketing aspects that are carried out by Apple in its efforts to design, promote and distribute its new product of iPad to various customers worldwide. Product development through excellent and great designs has been at the forefront in achieving great designs by Apple according to Reena, (2010). Such great designs have led to the development of the iPad. This is a great product that has impressed a lot of people worldwide.

However, it is recommendable for Apple to put a lot of effort into ensuring new products or modified iPad is produced with excellent features or applications. It is also important for Apple to put design as their first priority when developing new products. Upgrading existing products should be a priority for Apple towards enhancing the new designs or products. Upgrading and development of new products should be carried in a cost-effective way to ensure there is a reduced overall cost of production which may lead to the overall high cost of the end product.

Apple is undertaking various promotion strategies and actions in its process of promoting the sale of iPad globally. This is through the media and its websites. Apple should give special offers that play a great role in increasing sales in the short term. Development of positive public relations is crucial especially to countries such as Arab countries, media and also to various companies like Wal-Mart that can assist in the distribution of the product globally. This will also assist in getting favorable publicity within the media as well as being capable of handling negative attention.

It is crucial to utilize media releases which are a great way of getting the iPad known to a large number of potential customers. This can be put as an interesting story in order to attract a large number of people through its unique features. There should be increased media releases by Apple in order to raise eye-catching to people. Apple should collaborate with various social media in order to increase the exposure of iPad to people. Those social media stations should create an immersive news experience of using an iPad that has unique features.

Apple has established various distribution strategies in order for it to be able to distribute its products and in particular Ipad. This is through the establishment of various retail outlets globally. It is also carrying out extensive distribution through the internet. It is recommendable for Apple to extensively distribute iPad to other third-party retail channels in order to increase the rate of distribution of the iPad. Increased retail outlets are also significant in ensuring that the product is able to reach as many customers as possible.

Apple should ensure there are fewer rules preventing online resellers from offering the iPad through the internet.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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