Essays on Production and Operations Management at the Lawn Care Company Case Study

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The paper 'Production and Operations Management at the Lawn Care Company " is a good example of a management case study. The Lawn Care Company views its business strategy as providing the highest quality grass seed and fertilizer, delivery to golf courses, delivery to retailers, and competitive pricing. However, the competition delivers high product quality, offers services to customers such as application of the fertilizers on the lawn, and charges higher that Lawn Care Co. it, therefore, appears that Lawn Care Company has serious competition. Case Background The Lawn Care Company is grass and fertilizer producing company with sales that are estimated at $1 billion per year.

The company sells either directly to golf courses and parks or to contractors. However, once the company has made a delivery to the clients’ premises and the necessary documents are signed, the company considers its duty done. What it means is that the company has very little concept of customer service. The danger in the inconsiderate treatment of the customer is that the clients may not always know how to apply the fertilizer or the contracted personnel may misapply the fertilizers.

The outcome of the failure to deliver the appropriate customer service was the damages done to the lawns or the leakage of the fertilizer to the waterways such as streams and the lakes. The net effect was that the problems that were created by the fertilizer runoff created an opportunity for a competitor to enter the market that Lawn Care Company had held for many years. The competitor introduced an application of the seeds and fertilizer service for the golf courses and parks at a price.

The competitor soon began combining the fertilizer and seeds application service with the primary products; the seeds and the fertilizers. The competitor obviously charged a premium price for the services. The competitor went a notch higher and delivered the products and applied the same day to avoid liabilities. In this case study, the competitor is liberally exploiting Lawn Care Company lack of customer service and was busy building a successful business out of the ignorance of the competitor. The Lawn Care Company was comfortable producing and delivering seeds and fertilizers but ignored the application services to the parks and golf course, and the residential areas.

Suffice to say, the Lawn Care Company viewed its value chain as ending at the products delivery point. What they did not see is the loophole provided by the failure to go a step further and offer the application services. Consequently, the competitor saw an opportunity and entered the market with the mantra “ a beautiful lawn with no hassles” . Lawn Care Strategy Lawn Care organizational strategy is to produce and distribute high-quality fertilizer and grass seeds.

The target markets are upscale facilities including golf courses and parks. The organization strategy may be summarized as supplying the right product at the right time to the right customer. It is, therefore, clear that Lawn Care Company focuses on the internal strengths to move the company forward. The company, can then, be seen as laying more emphasis on the production of quality goods. Thus the company is production led.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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