Essays on Production and Operations Management - Classic Cabinets Pty Ltd Case Study

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The paper 'Production and Operations Management - Classic Cabinets Pty Ltd" is a good example of a management case study. Production and operations management is that part of the organization that transforms the various organizational inputs and raw materials into the required products and services that meet the quality levels set by the organization (Chary 29). The function of production and operations management in an organization ensures that quality goods and services are produced at a reasonable price and of good quality and delivered to the customer at the place and time that he desires.

Meeting these qualities gives a company a competitive edge, which enables it to stay ahead of the competition (Chary 39). Production management, therefore, is the managerial activities involved in the process of production of goods while operations management makes up the managerial activities involved in service delivery (Chary 18). Classic Cabinets Pty Ltd, which a family-owned company, is involved in the manufacture of custom-built kitchen cabinetry. They produce and design custom-made kitchens that specifically meet the needs of the clients. This makes the company both a product and a service company based in Springvale in Melbourne. The production systems and processes used by Classic Cabinets Pty Ltd are the manufactures of standard and custom-made kitchen cabinets and this constitutes the largest revenues for the company.

The company uses general-purpose machines for making these cabinets, which are flexible and can be used for producing a wide variety of custom-designed cabinets. The factory is such that the layout accommodates various equipment to be grouped together with several assembly areas located strategically throughout the factory. The use of similar equipment for the manufacture of custom made and standard cabinets makes them compete for processing time on this equipment and for the craftspeople.

The quality of the finished products that Classic Cabinets produces reflects the high quality of the materials chosen as well as the craftsmanship of the individual cabinetmakers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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