Essays on Production and Operations Management: Blueprint of Current Service Components Case Study

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The paper "Production and Operations Management: Blueprint of Current Service Components" is a delightful example of a case study on management.   Service blueprinting and service chain profit concepts are the widely used methods of analyzing a service delivery procedure with the effort of improving the service value and at the same time reducing the expenses that are used on procedures that do not add value to profitability and growth (Siau & Loo, 2006). For the case of the Colonial saving bank of Queensland, the two methods have not been used effectively for the optimal service delivery procedure.

It is very vital that the current service blueprint is analyzed and a new one developed. In this paper, the current refinancing procedure is analyzed in details and a new one is also proposed. It will do the bank well to adopt the new blueprint and service profit chain concept. Case study analysis The current blueprint analysis of refinancing procedure of Retain Banking at the colonial saving Bank is as follows depicted in a blueprint diagram; According to Frauendorf (2006), the total activities that bring together satisfaction of customer through service delivery in service blueprinting is broken down into visible/on stage employee contact, the action of the customer, backstage/invisible employee contact and the support system or processes.

The employee actions are the activities that the employee does without interaction with the employee. Onstage or visible employee contact involves the interaction of the customer with the employee of the organization. Backstage/invisible contact employee involves the activities done by the employee in the absence of the customer. In this case, it would include property appraisal, loan processor, and loan agent advice.

The physical evidence is the physical forms that are present such as the agent, the bank, customer home, lawyer, account, or the loan agent. These represent different activities that take place. The current blueprint of the bank refinancing process contains so many activities that have been outlined in the figure. The activities are many and tedious that requires reducing and redirecting in order to achieve efficiency (Frauendorf, 2006).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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