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BUSINESS EDGE PROGRAM FOR POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES Dear _________________, Introduction: In respect to the response towards receiving my application letter for the position of an accountant, I wish to thank you. I am dedicated individual who believes in the excellence as the pre-requisite to success in this job. I pursued Business edge program at Edith Cowan University where I realized that the employers have minimum standards as far as recruitment and placement is concerned. The program is structured to boost chances of employment and subsequent exponential performance in any assigned duty. I have ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken English with wide knowledge of accounting principles at local and international level.

My outstanding oral techniques puts me at an advantage of reporting accounting information effectively with confidence, clarity and precisely. I have great knowledge of the employer expectation from a new employee due to my great mastery of interpersonal skills. My priority is to achieve group goal with strong sense of teamwork. With high and clear sense of accounting professional direction, I believe in working under pressure of deadline with minimal supervision as I observed from the rigorous training from business edge program.

I am a strong believer of consultative and participatory decision making which boosts sharing of ideas, experiences and tools towards an objective management approach. Selection criterion 1 Business edge program is a critical learning experience that helps individuals develops extra knowledge on the basics of job market. The selection criteria in this job emphasized ability to work with diligence and out of common sense. As a graduate of edge program I have learnt sound interpersonal relations that is significant in team work.

Accounting as a profession requires consistent consultative approach which is a function of team spirit (Angel-Urdinola, et al. 2013). This position requires increased understanding of one’s professional value which is key in accounting as far as the ethical standards and integrity is concerned. Business edge enhanced my understanding of clear sense of accounting professional direction which is a pre-requisite of absorption to the position applied for. This job incorporates best practice principles in which the consumers’ confidence on the level of skilled personnel will be boosted with my multi-dimensional approach towards quality of service delivery.

I believe in customer focused service blended with relevant international financial report standards that meets the needs of the company. With these qualities that I attribute to my experience in Business edge, I have the ability to independently under minimal supervision and contribute towards the goals team goals. Paragraph 2 Selection criterion 2 Business edge program emphasize the role of communication in improved performance in work place. Interactive skills with co-workers, customers and superiors are critical in determining the success of an employee. I have has in-depth training on oral presentation which boosts individual confidence in the conveyance of information in boardroom and to stakeholders of the firm if need be.

As an accountant, I learnt from the program how the financial report presentation is hinged on oratory skills which are a recipe for clarity of the information (Angel-Urdinola, et al. 2013). The increasing pressure of globalization requires employees to adopt culturally appropriate communication skills so that the divergent socio-cultural norms are catered for while addressing any audience in the organization. The program puts emphasis on training individuals on fluency and diction which I have mastered and will significantly matches the needs of the organization.

There are unwritten oral skills which Business edge program offers and serves as key to successful oral interview and quality delivery in an intellectual discourse. I possess the skills of expressing myself and convincing the audience of any nature towards my ideas concerning accounting principles, positive work practices and keynote speeches that can move a group of professionals. This is relevant in bargaining for the organization to seek debt and take the most appropriate financial decision.

This skills from complete study in Business edge program suits me for the applied for position. Paragraph 3 Selection criterion 3 This company requires persons with open mind, always ready to learn and sensitive top details. My experience in Business edge program exposed me to a rigorous research and evaluation of diverse information that are relevant to the profession and the employer. As an accountant, there is increasing campaign for changing financial reporting standards among other analysis process (Mehta, et al. 2013). This calls for regular and continuous research so that one is updated with the most current ideas.

This would help me boost the competitiveness of the employer if assigned the accounting job. The program imparted ability to gain significant visibility while working in the organization. This is consistent with some of the highlighted qualities expected of a successful candidate for the job applied for. Proficiency to network with influential people in the industry is a critical aspect of better leadership trait acquired from the program. An aspect of Best practice I learnt is carrying out research on the organization, its culture, policies and regulations that are important for its success and my expected performance.

Accounting requires sound analytical and interpretation skills which not have been attained in colleges but are extensively covered in line with practice integrated learning process of business edge program. Additional paragraph (optional) Sugar pod Chocolate and Sweets Company falls within a very competitive industry that is characterized by dynamic management skills. I have gone through internship program and have practical approach towards accounting principles and reporting skills (Burgess, 2011). I have team leadership experience that is essential in influencing workmates and top management to adopt relevant ethical practices and eliminate barriers towards better performance.

I believe these traits qualify me to perform if employed in the accounting position. Closing paragraph I have visionary leadership skills that I wish to show by practice if employed and contribute towards quality service delivery and competitiveness of the organization. As an accomplished accountant with all the important skills, I am strict on details which are my greatest strength in minimizing errors and promoting integrity. I wish to request for a consideration for the applied for position so that I can unleash my unexploited potential to the organization. Your sincerely, References Angel-Urdinola, D.

F., Kuddo, A., Semlali, A., & World Bank. (2013). Building effective employment programs for unemployed youth in the Middle East and North Africa. Burgess, R. (2011). New principles of best practice in clinical audit. Oxford: Radcliffe Pub. Mehta, K. J., Alkafaji, Y. A., Ghosh, T. P., & Ankarath, N. (2013). Understanding ifrs fundamentals: International financial reporting standards. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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