Essays on Project Management and Organization Performance Literature review

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The paper "Project Management and Organization Performance" is a good example of a literature review on management. Project management can be defined as the science and art of initiating, planning, executing, and controlling the composition of the project to achieve the intended objective or purpose (Kerzner 2013). Some of the components of project management which is included in the definition of what project management include; Huge task Beginning and End It includes various tools like Gantt Charts, PERT charts, Work break down structures among others It comprises of Ad hoc resources and lastly Risk and successes The project has several phases they include Project definition include objectives and goals Project initiation which is mostly project set up before it can kick start Project planning which is simply outlined on how it should be carried out Project execution Project monitoring and control Project closure Over the years, project management has replicated itself from the field of engineering, defense, and aeronautical engineering to almost every sector and profession (Kerzner 2013).

The association of project management has been in existence for several years, in recent past, many have taken on the more formal characteristic of other professional bodies (Schwalbe 2015).

Despite all these, the impact on the project-based sectors is very limited and this leads to the question of whether project management should be taken as a profession or discipline of its own (Schwalbe 2015). There is much confusion among scholars as to what discipline actually refers to and with little research if any into the discipline as a whole; while many accept it as a management normal practice, few if any industries and other research institutions see it as a cognate discipline that consists of the overall definition and development of projects and which is central to the performance of the business.

Project management is used in various industries and almost all sectors of the economy (Verzuh 2015). This implies that all heads of departments should have project management skills and this paper intends to evaluate why project management should be a profession on its own rather than a general discipline within broader disciplines (Kerzner 2013).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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