Essays on Coffee Shop Opening Case Study

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The paper 'Coffee Shop Opening" is a good example of a management case study. This project entails opening a coffee shop. Coffee is a drink that is brewed with a distinct flavor and aroma. My decision to open a coffee shop is inspired by the high demand for coffee by a majority of people. Coffee is ranked as one of the most preferred beverage in the world (Sutherland, 2009). This has, thus, influenced my project. My coffee shop will be operating in the city. This will help in attracting city dwellers and those who visit the city.

I will be the sole owner of the café . The café will be seeking to get a startup capital of thirty thousand dollars to purchase fixtures, furniture, and equipment. I will undertake this project by creating a precise scope of the project. I will also devote my time to shaping up the dynamics of my team which will be operating in the café . I will also devote my time to the technical features of the project. I will also work towards ensuring that the business is able to meet the needs and satisfies customers.

Customers form an integral part of a business (Pinson, 2008). The success of the café will entirely depend on customers who will finance the café by acquiring products and services from the café . I will, thus, devote my time towards coming up with strategies that will attract new customers and also maintain customers who will be perceived as loyal customers. Project Purpose The purpose of this project is to sell coffee. The café will be serving coffee in the morning, lunch hour, and in the evening.

One of the main aspects of my project is providing our customers with high-quality coffee. We will also work towards providing homemade meals. It is good to prepare coffee from scratch instructions or recipes (Sutherland, 2009). We will also serve other types of drinks such as tea, soda, juice, and a range of other special drinks. However, our main drink is coffee. We will, thus, provide a menu that will feature both white and black coffee with a variety of quality and makes. The café will be open from Monday to Saturday.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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