Essays on Project Management - Bringing Efficiency in the Computing Power by Networking Computers Assignment

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The paper “ Project Management - Bringing Efficiency in the Computing Power by Networking Computers”   is a   well-turned example of an assignment on management. The main objectives of this project are to connect the computers that are found in the Associated Benefits Company. They have computers in place but these computers have not been connected. They fear that connections will introduce security breaches in the network and thus compromise on data integrity. It is therefore the hope of the management that connectivity between the computers be achieved so that resource sharing and the benefits that come with computer networks may be achieved.

After wide consultations, it has been agreed that computer networking is done in the company. This will be the main project that will be undertaken by the company. Stakeholders and communicationSpecializing in the Medical Industry, this company has been using computers for several years now but in a strictly stand-alone sense, due to concerns they mainly have about Security and Administration if they linked their computers together. There has been a concern to have the computers networked together. The initial plan was to have a basic LAN but on further consultation and inquiries, it has been agreed that the network is developed into a wireless LAN (WLAN).

The advantages that are associated with a WLAN are that more gadgets like laptops and mobile phones can be accommodated in the network. Communication between the stakeholders and the project implementers will be through a project manager. The project manager will be tasked with updating the stakeholders of the far the project has gone. Any information from the stakeholders will also be communicated through the project manager.

He is the link between the project and the stakeholders. DeliverablesThe deliverables are expected to be the following: MilestoneDescriptionDurationNetwork analysis and design correctly specifiedA - Achievable so that the team does not set goals too high that they are not able to get to them. R – the goals are reality if they can be seen to be attainable in the end.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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