Essays on How to Deal with Constant Changes of Requirements by Client Assignment

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Generally, the paper "How to Deal with Constant Changes of Requirements by Client" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. A project manager is an individual who ensures successful execution, initiation, planning, control, monitoring and closure of a project within the stipulated time. The project manager must have combined skills and ability to ask penetrating questions, resolve conflicts, detect unstated assumptions and have good management skills. A project manager will determine the success of a project depending on how he/she manages it. The PM organizes the employees that he will work with and ensure they have the right skills required, work within a particular time frame and budget.

Everything that is bound to happen will have a schedule to follow. The schedule enables the team of employees to know their duties and what will happen on a daily basis and the project manager to deliver the project on time (Haughey, 2015). Project managers face the unknown that is the risk. A project manager has to plan very well to minimize risks that may occur in the process. Risks may involve failure to conclude projects within the estimated time and also overstretching the budget.

Communication is essential to allow everyone to communicate his ideas and opinions in any project, but the project manager is the final decision maker (Construction chat, 2013). When the project manager is given at least three projects to manage, he has to plan very well to ensure their allocated time equally because their all-important and quality has to be displayed in all of them. I being the project manager will come up with a schedule and set days and time for each project.

The project manager will also assemble a team of employees who are experts depending on the project (Haughey, 2015). Meetings will be scheduled to avoid conflicts with any of the projects and organizations involved. The project manager should set days of meeting that suit both the clients and his work. A project manager will encounter many challenges in the project itself. These are the challenges that may hinder the completion of the project started. HOW TO DEAL WITH CONSTANT CHANGES OF REQUIREMENTS BY CLIENT The first may be the constant change of the requirements by the client.

The project manager has to have good management skills to handle the situation well. The project manager has first to inform the client of all major people that are involved in a construction project: architect, engineer, contracts, subcontracts and material suppliers. The client has to be aware of how the changes will affect many people involved and will have an impact on the cost. Seldom can construction start and finish without changes (Leary, 2015). The best way to deal with constant changes by clients is first to sign a contract before the whole process begins.

These will ensure that both parties will adhere to the rules as fixed by the contract and any changes will be within the contract (Haughey, 2015). The client has to understand constant changes in the construction affect the estimated budget as well as the time that is estimated for the project to be finished. Most contracts allow the owners to make changes, but this may be due to economic constraints may be due to unforeseen circumstances that may come up.

The owner may also realize that the building doesn't meet the expected requirements and decide to change (Leary, 2015). The project manager can also deal with the situation by ensuring that all those involved show the client the possible outcomes. If it's the budget, the project manager can look for equipment's that meet the budget of the client and not to overstretch it. The client has to be aware that many changes continuously can increase the budget, and it will be a loss to him as he will incur more cost as compared to the previous one planned (Leary, 2015).

The client has to make up his mind, and that's why the project manager will assist him with the most skilled employees he has at his disposal to avoid such when the actual construction begins. Owners can be allowed to make changes when there is a shortage of materials that had been planned for or due to scarcity of material there is extreme hiking of particular materials planned for. In such situations, the project manager can understand.

The project manager helps the client avoid omissions in the requirements he gives before the actual initiation of the project and avoid wrong assumptions. It's crucial for the client to be clear and precise about what he wants from the beginning (Leary, 2015).


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