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The paper "Strategic Project Management and Practice" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. A project can be scheduled either by using network methods which are more sophisticated planning tools or by using Gantt charts which have to be drawn after a system has been developed. A project is a goal-oriented activity whose aim is to deliver a result successfully. The project is frequently unique, non-routine, and considers the time and resource constraints in the process of undertaking it. A project must have a target such as the completion date and underlines the cost that comes with it.

Moreover, in case the project manager has opted to use the networking scheduling method, the manager can decide to use either of the two network methods which are Activity on Node (AON) or Activity on Arrow (AOA). However, large projects can suitably practice AON networks since they only have one start and one end node. Therefore, project management can be defined as management to achieve project objectives and goals. Excellent project management has to define and execute all the essentials with the aim of accomplishing a complicated errand in a unique and unfamiliar manner.

These accomplishments of strategic project management can only be successful when the targeted completion date and constrained resources are met. The project management comprises the project manager, the project management team, and the framework. It is very critical for the project managers to think of a plan as a life cycle since it keeps on moving from one stage to the other. 1)As a representative of the above project, define a possible scope and deliverables by using the judgment to set the time constraints considering that money is “ no object. ” In the process of strategic project management, there are some limitations that can bar the project from achieving its core objectives and goals.

The major constrain in the process of project management is usually time and money though in this paper has considers money, not an issue. In every human-made system, the goals and objectives of a project sometimes fail to concur with each other, and this can result in general sabotage of the project implementation. However, the project manager can use an integration approach to eliminate the different objects in the process of project management.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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