Essays on Installation of Customer Assignment

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The paper "Installation of Customer " is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Why do this project? What is the organizational driver? What problem or opportunity has arisen? What value or goal are we addressing? The reason behind this project is that the old software was not performing as it should be, and needs to be replaced to help better manage the customer base. Too many customer complaints prompted an investigation which found this to be the main issue. The goal is to improve customer service and the ease with which employees are able to enter data into the system.

Has approval been gained for the project to proceed? Do you need to seek authorization at various stages? If so, please indicate the authorization stages needed for the project to proceed. (refer to Authorisation Summary) Yes, approval has been gained for the project to go forward. The only authorization that will be needed over time is from Human Resources when it comes to scheduling the training and which computers will have the new software installed first. Project StakeholdersWho will be affected in any way by the project work or outcomes?

Who needs to be consulted? In how much detail? How will you identify and address their concerns? The main stakeholders involved with this project are the IT staff as they will be the ones that will be installing the software. Human Resources will be in charge of the scheduling for training and installation. Employees will be trained on the new software that is different from what was used in the past. The customers will be surveyed to determine if this has made many positive changes in the way that they are receiving their service.

Project Deliverables What tangible product, service, document, etc. will be produced by this project? How will it address the above purpose? The tangible product that will be produced by this will be having the new CRM software installed on every computer within the company. It will address the purpose in that customer service will be improved from the new software.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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