Essays on Project Management Exam2 Assignment

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Construct a report to your Project Director summarising the business benefits of your project. Justify your conclusions with reference to the strategic analyses conducted. There are several benefits that will be of great importance to business wise from this project. These benefits include: This project will help people to know about safety measures they are to take incase of fires in the community. There will be training on how to control and to handle fire outbreaks incase of any in the area. Therefore, there will be a reduction of human impact on all the existing environments.

In the process, safety and healthy measures will be achieved. This is estimated at 22% reduction of human impact, to be achieved in one year (page 11). Due to constant fires in the community, a lot of property and business and businesses are lost. This has hindered much of the progress that is to be in the community. The reduction of the fires in the community will help in improving the economic status. A stronger, more sustainable and significantly healthier community will be build, and the impact of this is estimated to be felt eight months after the implementation of the project. The project will also assist in delivering significantly reasonable value for the finances spent in the process of impacting on the immediate communities.

The amount spent on this project will rise by 2%, to about 61 million in the first year of project operation (page 11). Critically examine the wider project management structures in a typical organization. In particular, you should refer to roles and responsibilities of senior staff in relation to the management of projects. Project Management is a system of structures, processes and roles designed to authorize, control and deliver project outcomes within an organization.

There has to be a good arrangement of staff and workers in order to achieve the targets set for the project. Typically, there will be four levels of responsibility in the organization. -Senior user, -Project director, -Project manager -Project staff The senior user, in the form of a Board, will authorize and coordinate projects in the organization. Each project requires a Project Director who is responsible for the overall direction and management of the project within constraints set out by the Board.

On the other hand, the Project Manager is responsible for day to day management of the project within constraints set out by the Board (page 14). It is paramount that the roles ands responsibilities of workers are well defined. Failure to a good plan of the responsibilities will lead to complete disappointment. Short and effective lines of reporting support quick decision making which leads to effective project management (page 8-9). The fourth level is that of project workers under the leadership of the project manager.

The workers will follow the plan as per the instruction of the managers. Critically examine and describe the purpose of leadership and communication in the implementation of projects generally. You should specifically consider the role of project manager and the identification of other roles in the project team.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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