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Case Study: Brown Educational Gaming Company (Application of Project Management)Part 1Point of ViewSince the company is headed by Sally Peter as Managing Director, who is also founder of the Brown Educational Company (BEG), a UK-based educational gaming company specializing in young children’s educational games, she is now facing the responsibility of resolving the current problems emerging from the meeting of the top 10 managers in making strategic planning; thus, her point of view will be taken into consideration in the course of this study. Statement of the ProblemAlthough, her top most managers/executives have a strong conviction to the intermediate as well as long term goal of the company, however, the manner of achieving it varies among the managers/executive.

This creates conflicts of interest or politicking among the member of the executive boards particularly in terms of resource allocation of every new project. Also, most projects are having over budget and usually do not meet the target dates of execution. Furthermore, some executives are focusing in working on an international business game for college students that is quite off tangent to the company’s vision or market niche.

These problems must be properly addressed as early as possible because of its detrimental impact to the status of the company. Internal Environment of BEG STREGTHSThe company in its fourth year of operation is currently having high capital inflow through stock distribution to investment bank. Return of investment is relatively high considering that it is only new in gaming industry because of consumer’s eagerness in buying their product. Stakeholders are committed to innovation, continuous improvement and organizational learning. Continues expansion of the company in terms of size of the organization, number of new products and its marketing effort. WEAKNESSESWeakening of organizational solidarity in terms of strategic implementation because of frequent conflicts of interest. Unmet target dates in accomplishing most of the projects. Misalignment to the company’s vision of providing educational games for young children because most of the executives are focusing to international business game for college students. External Environment of BEGOPPORTUNITYMember of the 56-person firm is enthusiastic and looking forward to helping the firm grows to be the largest and best educational gaming company in the world. THREATCompetitors’ strategy particularly pirating key product development employees of BEG. SolutionIn order to solve the above mentioned problems, it is would be best to apply the Project Management Process.

In this manner, the weaknesses as well as threats of the company will be lessening while reinforcing its strengths together with its opportunities. Project Management ProcessProject Management Process in the modern sense is a comprehensive step by step process in managing the core of any organization. In this process, any project must be carefully identified, together with its true characteristics of the project, first in order to avoid vagueness upon implementing it.

A project will be gone through as series of stages, such as “Defining”, “Planning”, “Executing” and “Delivering”, in an overlapping timeframe to maximize the time used. A project manager having the task of using “right people at the right time” in addressing issues before making important decisions is usually designated. In this case, Sally Peter is considered the project manager of all projects proposed by the managers/executives. Furthermore, the project management of project generally balances the “Sociocultural” (Leadership, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Negotiation, Politics, and Costumer Expectations) as well as the Technical (Scope, WBS, Schedule, Resource Allocation, Baseline budgets and Status Reports) side of the company.

It seems that in this manner, it encompasses the factors to be considered in the current status of BEG company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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