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The paper 'Brown Educational Gaming Company - Creating the Work Breakdown Structure" is a good example of a management case study. Since the company is headed by Sally Peter as Managing Director, who is also the founder of the Brown Educational Company (BEG), a UK-based educational gaming company specializing in young children’ s educational games, she is now facing the responsibility of resolving the current problems emerging from the meeting of the top 10 managers in making strategic planning; thus, her point of view will be taken into consideration in the course of this study. Statement of the Problem Although, her topmost managers/executives have a strong conviction to the intermediate as well as long term goal of the company, however, the manner of achieving it varies among the managers/executive.

This creates conflicts of interest or politicking among the member of the executive boards particularly in terms of resource allocation of every new project. Also, most projects are having over budget and usually do not meet the target dates of execution. Furthermore, some executives are focusing on working on an international business game for college students that is quite off tangent to the company’ s vision or market niche.

These problems must be properly addressed as early as possible because of its detrimental impact on the status of the company. Internal Environment of BEG STRENGTHS The company in its fourth year of operation is currently having high capital inflow through stock distribution to the investment bank. Return of investment is relatively high considering that it is only new in the gaming industry because of consumer’ s eagerness in buying their product. Stakeholders are committed to innovation, continuous improvement and organizational learning. Continues expansion of the company in terms of the size of the organization, the number of new products and its marketing effort. WEAKNESSES Weakening of organizational solidarity in terms of strategic implementation because of frequent conflicts of interest. Unmet target dates in accomplishing most of the projects. Misalignment to the company’ s vision of providing educational games for young children because most of the executives are focusing on the international business game for college students.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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