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The paper "Amedo Business Strategies " is a perfect example of a business case study.   Amedo is an entrepreneurship manufacturing company that is concerned with manufacturing as well as the distribution of household items like cups, plates, microwaves, refrigerators among other items. Given the fact that the company is currently operating in a competitive environment, there is a need for this company to establish marketing strategies to attract more customer’ s over other companies. The director of the firm is responsible for laying down strategies for their course of action in the market which is in line with their growth plan.

The manager of the company is responsible for managing all the company’ s production processes as well as the overall organizational functions. 1.2 Amedo Business mission “ Everything we do is inspired by our enduring mission hence we endeavour to create value and make a difference everywhere we engage through good customer relations as well as the manufacture of high-quality products” . 1.3 Amedo Business firm aims and objectives The company aims at ensuring that it offers quality products to its customer’ s The company aims at ensuring that it achieves its financial targets by maximizing on Profits and minimizing on losses. Due to the competitive nature of the market, the firm intends to achieve its global market growth by acquiring the largest share of the market in the production sector 2.

Key Human Resource Requirements 2.1 Basing on baseline information from the human resource department, the company has almost 150 employees and the findings show that the organization has been facing several challenges in the workplace. Due to the scarcity of employees, they sometimes fail to achieve the outlined organizational goals and objectives. This has raised a lot of concerns to the stockholders with a fact that the company may fail to deliver services to their customers as required hence easily falling out of the market. Some of the complaints raised by the human resource office within the department include; reports of sexual harassment of the female staff to the human resource office, bullying of junior staff and absconding of duties by senior staff.

The company operating in a competitive environment it will be kicked out of the market if this trend wasn’ t given early intervention.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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