Essays on Project Dossier for Scottish Qualification Authority - Awards Processing Systems Assignment

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The paper "Project Dossier for Scottish Qualification Authority - Awards Processing Systems" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. The system is intended to map out integrated awards and candidate registration systems which will make the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) more effectual in using legacy systems and results delivering examination. This will allow staff, students, and educational officials in Scotland to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of operations. It is anticipated that the system comprises an artery of installations that the Authority has recently engaged in. Consequently, installing the Awards processing system is rooted to cost reduction, time-saving and employee productivity improvement.

The project is at present engaged in running an awards processing system (APS) with data entry functions from schools and colleges. It will permit transparency in sourcing and hiring of qualified applicants to SQA-IT project. Description The APS project will entail drafting a business case, project origination, project aim listing and objectives, milestones, deliverables, and drafting the project plan to be executed. The project will cover all critical areas in the phasing of the APS System.           iv) Objectives a) Merging of already existing data in the Scottish Examination Board (SEB) b) Designing, developing and implementing an information system to process new qualification c) To train schools on how to teach new qualification d) To deliver examinations using existing legacy systems v) Success Criteria or Expected Benefits a) Early invitation of markers and effective allocation of scripts b) Appointment of sufficient markers, recording, and retrieval of marks c) Provides for real-time information of student database, unit results, and entries from centers d) Allows for effective governance of SQA enterprise and lifelong learning for children and education e) Data sources of SEB and SCOTVEC are integrated f) Ease of certificate issuance to candidates g) Speed up the creation of new SQA culture to surpass the predecessor body cultures h) Promote business efficiency by allowing face-to-face interaction by averting office service duplication i) Eliminating travel of officers between Dalkeith and Glasgow



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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