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The paper "Promotional Plan For Arabic Private Members Club In Center London" is an outstanding example of an assignment on marketing. The Arabic Private Members Club is an elaborate dance club where seated furniture is made from leather which can comfortably accommodate ninety guests. All walls and two pillars inside the club are surrounded by mirrors and colorful lightning presenting an inviting atmosphere. Live disc jockeys (DJs) facilitate and coordinate all disco events. During Fridays and Saturdays, the members have live music entertainment from 3:30 to 6:00 am. Members are Arabic only.

However, members are allowed to bring their guests even if the guests that they will be bringing are Arabs.   Club members are diverse, from simple business people to the various princes and other royalties from various Arab countries. The customers are not only the people who are residents in the United Kingdom but also from various countries. These clients are continuously coming and going, visiting when on business, personal and other purposes. No matter who they are, all guests are getting a high standard of service at the club. This club serves various soft and alcoholic drinks.

No food is served except plate of various fruits, peanuts, olives and crisps that are complimentary served for members on each table. Macro Business Environment of the Arabic Private Members Club and its Market This business is located on Bond Street, Centre London. Therefore, it is accessible from various routes by private or public transport. Its major markets are the Arabic living near that area as well as the Arabic guests/companions. This business is operating in an area with a desirable and business-friendly macro-environment.   The economy in this area is above average, hence, the business is profitable here.

There are not many business difficulties here. The club members do not know what is going to happen after the first of July when the Non-Smoking Law will be passed. In this club, a number of people are smoking cigarettes, cigars, Shishas and the like. This law will somehow affect the customers who prefer to smoke while in nightclubs. With this probable issue in hand, the management of this business establishment has to build a special place for the smokers.

With these, the business will still go as usual. The smokers will still have their freedom to smoke in a confined place at this Arabic nightclub. The proper facility will be installed for this purpose in consideration of the safety and health of the customers as well as the club’ s workers.   (You may consider using PEST, SLEPT or other management models as a basis for this. ) Customer Segments   The main customer segment of this club is the Arabic adults who can afford the club life. The specific needs of these types of people have been met by the service design.

This segment is important for managing the success of the business. If this market segment will be satisfied with the physical design of the club as well as the service design, success can be achieved.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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