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The paper "Public Relations - Bristol City Center " is a perfect example of a business case study. Bristol Airport exists approximately eight miles southwest of Bristol City Center with the objective of serving the South West of England, particularly Bristol. In 2014, it was valuable to note that more than six million passengers did pass through the Airport. Bristol Airport aims at generating or building a second terminal on the south side of the airport, as well as extending the existing runway by approximately 400 meters. In this context, the company will be able to initiate a reduction of South West’ s reliance on airports outside the region.

Besides, the approach will be valuable in the course reducing the need for long surface journeys to airports outside the region. The purpose of this communication proposal for the UK communication activity is to focus on the evaluation of the announcement that Bristol Airport plans to build a second terminal while extending the runway. Environment Analysis In the course of evaluating the plan for the organization to achieve its goals and targets, it is valuable to focus on the utilization of SWOT analysis. Strengths Expansion of the existing runway and integration of a second terminal will be valuable for the society, as well as the organization.

Firstly, the approach will facilitate the reduction of the reliance of the South West target audiences on airports outside the region, specifically Gatwick and Heathrow. Besides, the plan will initiate a reduction of the need for long surface journeys to these airports. Similarly, the new terminal and runway extension will widen the range of services for business and leisure travel, thus the integration of mechanisms to handle the issue of long haul destinations.

The extended runway would be essential in facilitating flights to long-haul destinations such as Florida, Chicago, and the Caribbean, which do not enjoy support from the current shorter runway. Furthermore, an increase in the operations of the airport will relate to a massive increase in revenues to the authority, which is through taxes to the local authority (Burghouwt, Krul, Veldhuis, Wit, & Jamotta, 2014). The integration of the plan will increase options for the target audiences to travel to diverse destinations in the global context.

It is also possible for the local authority to consider investing increased revenues towards planning and renovating the city.


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