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The paper "Purchase Behaviour of Generation Z" is a great example of a literature review on marketing. With the emergence of the digital era, young consumers have played a significant role in online shopping. The increased use of the internet by generation Z increases marketer prospects. Generation Z also called digital natives to refer to those people born between the 1990s and 2010. Notably, Generation Z comprises people who are dependent and more comfortable with technology after having been brought up in a globe with ever-present technology. In addition, they are ever connected through constant communication by means of social networking channels such as facebook and twitters.

Moreover, they are able to multi-task on quite a number of online products through the use of sophisticated devices. In an effort to enhance close contacts with customers, companies are adopting technology-based sales and marketing, for instance, mobile internet, text messages, social networking among many others. Further, they have enhanced their virtual presence by developing high-value products bearing basic interactive designs and that can multifunction. Interestingly, the Z generation is more conscious about the environment forcing companies to produce green products and services that have reduced environmental effects if not harmless to the environment.

This literature review sheds more light on generation Z's general products and services purchase behavior giving more emphasis on their behavior towards shopping malls, environmental issues and the impact of social media on the facilitation of their behaviors. Generation Z general purchase behavior Online trade has immense potential for marketers. This indicates that the digital natives are the greatest buyers through online services. Rule & Ferguson (1986) observed that age and internet buying had a positive relationship.

According to their study, digital natives were reported to have purchased more linen online. Further, the study carried out by Ferle et al. (2000) indicated that young purchasers shopped for more products online and were highly likely to buy online due to the element of convenience. According to Rule & Ferguson (1986), there are four main factors including reliability, web design privacy and customer service that highly attract Generation Z to online purchases. Omelia (1998) observed website design as one of the significant factors that attract digital natives to online purchases.

Zollo (1995) agreed that elegantly designed websites attracted the target audience. Shim (1996) affirms that a more appealing website makes the youngsters visit the site often and even stays longer after logging in. Another factor that highly influences the digital natives to be more inclined to digital purchases is reliability.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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