Essays on Quality Management And Frameworks Assignment

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XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLectureXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx24th April 2012Part AQuality management frameworkA quality management framework (QMF) is structure or outline that is used as the basic tool used by organizations when addressing complex issues in regard to organizational management systems and sustainability while providing products and services (Burge, Jackson & Tannock 1996, Pp 9). Each organization is consequently required to structure good quality management frameworks since they add force to the organizational success in the context of building and sustaining a high performance organization. Remarkably, effective quality management in an organization results to a profitable organization with increased competitive advantage. According to ADFCA 2012, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) is an authority board established in the emirates of Abu Dhabi for the purpose of monitoring food safety in the Emirates.

However, under the expanded authorization by the state, the authority has included agriculture and animal farming. Besides the function of ensuring public health, the authority establishes policies and standards in regard to food safety and quality thus specializing on food safety and food inspection. From its services and operation in the emirates, it is evident that the authority has been effective in its operation.

Inherent of its successful operation, the company must be using an effective quality management framework. In reference to the British Standard QMF PAS99 and Integrated Management System, ADFCA has been remarkably obtained its success through applying the QM principles. Notably, the ADFCA must have been sensitive to the QMF bearing in mind that it deals with food safety and food quality through production and inspection (ADFCA, 2012). Generally, the QMF principles application in ADFCA has contributed to the authority’s successful operation. The QMF application has provided the authority with tools for assessing the current health of its environment.

The authority is aimed at food safety for the public welfare in regard to health. It would have been tedious if the authority had not adopted a QMF since its main role would not have been accomplished. The QMF principles additionally help an organization to understand its scope and identify its major areas of operation eventually identifying areas that need stress and emphasis (Burge, Jackson & Tannock 1996, Pp 6). ADFCA is a public based organization. Thus, the authority need understand its scope and the expectations of the public in its operation.

The QMF helps identify the major roles also known as the primary roles or the organizational goal. Consequently, the other substantive but essential roles are identified. Identification of scope, role and functions is one of the major key factors to the success of an organization. It is only until a business or an organization has been able to identify its major and minor functions that it can be able to perfectly pursue them. Following the identification of roles and functions, the authority through the principles of QMF is able to allocate the resources effectively.

The resources are in reference to financial, physical and human resources. Priorities in the same are also valued and directed to the centralized organization goal. Resource allocation is a major area of concern faced by all businesses or organization. The success of such an organization is consequently in a major way dependent to the allocation of resources such that they are distributed in the best interest of the organizational goal in reference to the priorities.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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