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The paper "Measuring Employee Performance" is a good example of coursework on human resources. Measuring employee performance is an important measure especially when the organization seeks to improve the success of the business. Generally, an organization or a business franchise can measure its performance levels whether internally, individually or as a whole in various ways.   Some of the common ways of measuring employee performance in the business include; setting up random methodologies of quality control in the business. In this case, while the business employees are aware of the business checks, in most cases, they do not have an idea of when they will occur (Houldsworth, 2006).

Therefore, if they are slacking in the productivity of the business, this measure will reveal them. Another aspect of measuring employee performance is the aspect of surveying business customers about their customer service at the business franchise. The business owners can also evaluate the performance of the business employees by establishing their work ethic aspects. Alternatively, the business owner may measure the performance of the employee by opting to initiate the basic employee appraisals for the purposes of indicating the performance levels of the franchise areas in terms of responsibilities and job specifics (Houldsworth, 2006).                       The best approach for measuring employee performance is where the business owner sets up a random methodology of quality control in the business franchise.

This type of measure will recognize any slackness of the employee in terms of productivity hence reveal them to the business owner. Some measures will establish employee behaviors in the business franchise. Doing a general survey of the customers will definitely reveal the behavior of the employee towards the customers and the productivity of the business (Houldsworth, 2006).   Performance Evaluation Form                       Effective performance evaluation remains a crucial element especially in ensuring that the organization remains competitive and successful in the market.   In most cases, performance evaluation can turn out to be the supervisor’ s best friend.

There are various forms of evaluating the performance of the workers in the business franchise. As a supervisor in the business entity, during the evaluation of the performance of the entity and the workers in the business franchise, I would generally work closely with both the employees and the managers of the organization in establishing the job-relevant evaluation strategy.

I feel that this is the best performance evaluation form for the success of the organization. This performance evaluation form is the best because it involves the entire workforce in the organization. The entire working staff gets the opportunity to work closely and establish the relevant evaluation criteria and by doing this the average workers will get a perfect opportunity to learn from the rest of the team (Houldsworth, 2006). Smart Goals                       To perform effectively in the market, the organization must come up with organizational goals, which will help it in attaining the standards it wishes to achieve.   Goals in the organization may be strategic or tactical.

SMART goals will, therefore, be needed in the organization to provide an organizational framework, which will improve the goals of the organization. SMART goals in the organization will include; Measurable, Attainable, Time-bound and relevance of the goals in the organization.   Most organizational employees tend to be uptight when receiving information from their managers because of the fear factor aspect.

Being uptight especially while dealing with the authority is normal and for employees in the organization, they might be afraid of upsetting about something which might not make their managers upset. Alternatively, quarterly performance reviews are always important for the organization in that it keeps the organizational employees on the check (Houldsworth, 2006). Mid-year reviews are important in re-evaluating the organization's productivity, it keeps the workers on their toes and for the purposes of identifying loopholes in the organization.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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