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Question Discussion Implementing change in an organization may be difficult. The formulation and implementation process may be riddled with challenges, but with an effective approach, implementing changes should be easy and would be for the good of the organization. In a past job, changes had to be implemented to allow for the extension of the food outlet. These changes may have impacted some people in a negative way, which meant that some people would get shortchanged by the coming developments. The changes took place successfully as the food outlet opened up few branches while cutting back on its staff in some outlets.

One of the things to remember when implementing change would be to establish clear objectives and goals. In doing so, there would clear cut intentions of what the change is aimed at achieving. Goals that are measurable can assist in measuring the progress made, thus; increasing the rate of success (Jones and Recardo 58). Also, letting the purpose of the changes determine the methods for implementing change could also work in my favor. What this means is that, the main reason for implementing the changes must take precedence in order to find out which methods are required to attain the desired results.

In doing so, people who are affected might see the end result so that they are not disgruntled in the end. Lastly, identifying and using the organization’s strengths to my advantage would work in implementing change successfully. Skills, previous knowledge and experience are just examples of organizational strengths that one can exhibit while implementing change. They may guide in determining what is good for the organization, based on past experiences and specific skill-set (Jones and Recardo 67).

Work CitedJones, David J., and Recardo, J. Ronald. Leading and Implementing Business Change Management: Making Change Stick in the Contemporary Organization. New York: Routledge, 2013. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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