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The paper "Various Marketing Channels" is a good example of marketing coursework.   Bread is a perishable and most consumed commodity, and it normally takes a shorter supply channel that will enable it to be utilized before it gets bad. The supply costs that are experienced with bread within the market are considered to be a function of the total number of prospective customers; the overall concentration of the prospective customers; the power of buying within a given period of time; and the significant costs that are connected to the realistic side of the supplying operation, such as transport and stockholding (Coughlan, Anderson, Stern, & El-Ansary, 2006).

These are the factors that determine the overall channel for supplying bread in the market. Breakfast cereal Breakfast cereals are considered to being ideal for breakfast especially when time is taken to be a limit to other chores on demanding mornings. Looking at the current trends in the fast-moving global market, it clearly indicates that supply channels for breakfast cereals are determined by how fast such products are going in the market and how bulky they are, especially for convenience during transportation.

This suggests the type of cereals that are ought to be supplied and the possible channels to be applied for effective distribution (Coughlan, Anderson, Stern, & El-Ansary, 2006). Women's hosiery The current women’ s fashion hosiery is unquestionably the essence of feminine attire that represents sexy. Women’ s hosiery normally draws attention and they also play a significant role in ensuring that the most sensual parts of the body are improved in the form of appearance. Since they are non-perishable by nature, women’ s hosiery may take a long supply channel depending on the length of the market selected (Coughlan, Anderson, Stern, & El-Ansary, 2006). Refrigerators Home refrigerators are basically not set up for reaching them more often, have operations that are efficient, a consumer being able to see all products that have been placed inside, nor containing temperatures that have been put at a subzero level.

All of these qualities are compared and utilized with a business refrigerator, which put all of the above factors into consideration. Being a bulky, a long-lasting and well-utilized product in the market, refrigerators can take a long channel of supply, where it involves the manufacture, a wholesaler, a retailer, and finally a consumer (Coughlan, Anderson, Stern, & El-Ansary, 2006). Industrial Goods Laser printer toner cartridges Laser printer toner cartridges are appliances highly utilized in the global market, where the current use and need are on the high rise.

In its channel flow, it is found out that the end-user of the product derived from the acquisition of the cartridges does not experience the costs and challenges experienced within the process of supplying the product. In this case, the manufacture of the cartridges may use sales representatives when it comes to supplying the product to the market (Coughlan, Anderson, Stern, & El-Ansary, 2006). Uranium for nuclear power plants Currently, most of the nuclear power plants are situated in the United States and are developed for the purpose of harnessing energy inside atoms and translating the results of this to electricity.

Therefore, this requires that the supply Uranium to such nuclear power plant is consistent. Since the materials used in the whole process can also be used in another process as the production of bombs, the flow channel for Uranium is shorter, in the case where the manufacture of Uranium directly deals with a nuclear power plant (Coughlan, Anderson, Stern, & El-Ansary, 2006).


Coughlan, A. T., Anderson, E., Stern, L. W., and El-Ansary, A. I., 2006, Marketing Channels, 7th ed., New Jersey: Pearson/Prentice Hall.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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