Essays on Recruitment and Selection at Friendly Chemist TFC Case Study

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The paper 'Recruitment and Selection at Friendly Chemist TFC" is a good example of a management case study. Located in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales is The Friendly Chemist TFC, a community pharmacy that has continuously provided high-quality services to Warrimoo people for almost 20 years. The core business functions of TFC have been dispensing drugs and in addition to a small range of beauty and health products. Currently, TFC has seven employees. There are 2 pharmacists, 4 casual assistants and a delivery person. In the recent Blue Mountains bushfires, Warimmoo Chemist, which is one of the biggest TFC rivals, was burnt down.

As such, there has been an increase in the customer base at TFC in addition to a sharp increase in sales. In the wake of this new scenario, TFC’ s proprietor John has noted that the current human resources are overworked; a factor that poses a risk to the business’ s customer service delivery. On this point, it is worth highlighting that customer service delivery is an important determinant of customer satisfaction and TFC’ s ability to remain competitive in the market (Christopher, Payne & Ballantyne, 2013).

From John’ s analysis, it was identified that the pharmacy dispensary is the main place that is congested. For this reason, TFC aims at hiring a full-time dispensary technician who has the capacity to undertake various functions under the pharmacist’ s supervision. Job Description Go to Appendices 1 Criteria to use for Selection Critical Experience working at a dispensary A Community Pharmacy certification (III) Highly attentive to detail and accuracy Previous experience working with Fred Software Capacity to work according to guidelines provided by the Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) Knowledge of pharmaceutical products Desirable but not mandatory Webster packing technology Experience in front shop operations and capacity to help out in retail operations when required Recruitment Strategy It is TFC’ s objective to continue to provide high-quality services to its loyal customers.

Its customer service is characterized by minimal waiting time and an old-fashioned friendly service that is core to TFC’ s business. In the wake of an unexpected increase in business, TFC aims at hiring a dispensary technician in the shortest time possible in a move aimed at ensuring that the business maintains its high customer service value.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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