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Reflective JournalActivists are people who rise up to oppose certain activities carried out by an organization. Activists operate by creating awareness towards various issues that they feel affect the environment. In the case of Timberland, thanks to the numerous emails the activists sent the company CEO, he was able to follow up on the supply chain and the root cause of the problem was established. The environment plays a major role in the society. Thus, activists are people who feel obligated to protect the environment by campaigning against any inhumane or reckless use of resources.

It should be noted; however, that activists do not deal solely with the environment rather they focus on all issues affecting the well being of human beings. In the Timberland case, for example, the 65000 activists raised a very important question that led to he CEO and the entire chain of supply became accountable as a result. However, on e issue was evident from all this, which is the ignorance people have towards the source of the goods they consume. For instance, the suppliers of the leather had no idea about how the leather they supplied had been acquired.

They had little regard about whether or not rules had been broken in the acquisition. A fact that ought to addressed in the future. Activists are widely spread and very well connected, thus, a negative campaign towards a certain company can greatly tarnish the company’s image. This win turn affects the sales volume. Therefore, such outbursts from activists’ should never be ignored rather the CEOs should take time to look into the issue. A good example is where the CEO of timberland tried to get in touch with the Greenpeace organization in order to resolve the problem.

This is assign that the organization is willing to listen and possibly change whatever is being opposed. Hence, not all opposition and criticism is bad as some of it is actually constructive. However, not all activists are right and peaceful. There are various documented incidents where activists took up drastic measures in order to attract attention. In the process, they get categorized as criminals and their agenda is dismissed as propaganda.

Thus, they fail to meet their objectives even though they are intended for the good of the society. Money drives almost everything in the society. Thus, if left unsupervised, some organization would exploit all the resources in the environment without considering the impact on the society. Therefore, activists act as the voice that condemns any wrongs done on the environment as well as any inhumane activities conducted towards the rest of the society by large organizations in their quest to make profit. . Activists bring to light the underlying activities that company’s do and would probably not want the consumers to discover.

They help to ensure that transparency is exercised by all companies in their activities. Environmental degradation has adverse effects on the society. By helping companies and consumers realize the importance of a good and clean environment, they ensure that the environment is sustained and protected. Resources in the environment should be treated respectfully, in the case of the timberland company; the question on the source of leather was raised. It was established that some cattle are slaughtered in inhumane manner that entirely disregards the animal rights.

Thus, all organizations need to ascertain that the raw materials they use in their production processes in obtained in an acceptable and lawful manner that des not violate any animals’ or humans’ rights. Thanks to activists, companies tend to be more aware of the environmental impact of their activities, hence preserving the environment.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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