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1.0 Objectives Development and implementation of HR strategy that is aligned with organizational aspirations and equaled to an organization’s competence deliver substantial outcomes for people in the organization, shareholders and customers. The journal aims at examining how managers develop and implement efficient and effective practices in HR that support strategic objectives of their firms that focus on strategic decisions made by Human Resource Managers. The journal focuses on the way strategic transformation improve Human Resource Management process by centralization of operations in the organization. It intensively investigates the makeover process of procedures of Human Capital Management over and above, SHRM policies involved for the entire process.

Subsequent to understanding the factors that transform human capital into value for the organization they work for. SHRM help out in building a job environment and a managerial structure that will fit best for all the desired SHRM process. This assist in coming up with desired managerial structures that are requisite for the organization to realize strategic Human Capital administration objective. The journal also focuses on SHRM and people management, it further provides insight on how a company uses centralized management and endeavors to expound on the complexity in the whole HRM process and analyze conflicting opinions of SHRM management. 2.0 Model of SHRMIn accordance to Bower (2001), strategic human management emerges as a succession of numerous activities following a feed upon each.

Bower (2001), further states that the process of strategic management process sub-divided into into: environmental analysis, mission and goals, strategic formulation, strategy evaluation, and strategy implementation. In keeping with Cynthia, Schoenfeldt and James (2008), the initial tread in strategic management sets off with top managers reviewing their position in relation to the presented goals and visions of the company.

Company's vision describes its principles and objectives, and it is in the company's raison d'etre. It generally point towards the direction of the leading management. In scores of companies, human resources management formulation entails top managers evaluating the interaction amid strategic dynamics and development of choices that guide the company in meeting the company's goal. The company uses strategic evaluation which is activities that facilitates in comprehending to what extent tangible performance and revolutions go with the preferred performance.

2.1 The control-based modelThe control-based model is based on work place control; it lays more emphasis on managerial performance in directing and monitoring employees’ performances and responsibilities. The management structures and human resource strategy in organizations have been techniques and instruments of controlling all aspects of the company's work to secure labor productivity that is high and an analogous level of effectiveness. Organizations focus on examining and scheming workers behavior as fundamentals for realizing various SHRM. In reference to Rayner and AdamSmith (2005), this kind of model traces its roots from Marx's formulation of the capitalist course of labor; it is referred to as “transformation of labor from labor power” (p.

78). To ensure that all the employees exercise their full capacity, it is the responsibility of the executive to organize tasks, movement, and space and within which employees operate. However, workers have contradictory interests in relation to job security, rewards, and engagement in both formal (trade unions) and informal ones. In reference to Schuler and Susan (2007), workers own counter management behavior results to control and discipline.

Employees’ behavior can be controlled through technical and bureaucratic control method (Schuler & Susan, 2007). Big companies use technical control through the use of surveillance cameras, these cameras set the pace of work and monitors employees performance in the administrative center.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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