Essays on Strategy and Change Management Assignment

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The paper 'Strategy and Change Management' is a great example of a Management Assignment. A reflective journal is considered a record of the student’ s learning experience based on the activities and participation during the learning sessions. Therefore, in a reflective journal, learners can record their observations and perspectives of approaching certain implications or situations arising in their academic and professional fields (Flores et al. , 2016). In this reflective journal, I intend to explore the unit; Leadership, Strategy & Change. Whilst reflecting on the concepts learned from the unit, I seek to demonstrate my understanding of strategy and change as aspects of organizational leadership as discussed in the course unit.

The reflective journal will explore the six modules from week 6 to 11 and identify some of the concepts and practices of strategy and change management leadership and management mechanisms, along with their pros and cons. Also, I seek to relate the classroom ideas of leadership and management, particularly towards strategy and change management, and their application and implications in the real workplace practices and activities. Further, upon identifying the different versions of strategy and change management in an organization, I intend to demonstrate awareness and competencies towards the practicable concepts of leadership and management in these areas by discussion and reflection principles that guide good practices in strategy and change management.

I believe that the exercise of exploring and reflecting on the unit modules would be able to enhance my awareness and understanding of the relationship that exists between class learning concepts and actual and change practices of the real-world organization. Also, it is my belief that upon completing the exercise, I would be able to identify the most appropriate approaches of strategizing and making necessary changes in an organization and change my practices towards being a competent and professional leader or manager, as well as provide a recommendation about the preferred approaches to the employee in an organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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