Essays on Principle of Consensus, Non-Verbal Communication Assignment

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The paper "Principle of Consensus, Non-Verbal Communication " is a good example of a management assignment. Varied differences are showcased between informative and persuasive information. Firstly, in an informative presentation, the speaker simply presents the sides of existing issues while in persuasive presentation, the author asks the audience to take sides in an existing issue. For example, “ the majority of the University students enjoy living on campus hostels because of the convince” , is an informative presentation while “ living in University is more enjoyable than staying off University due to convincing opportunities” is a persuasive presentation.

Secondly, the informative presentation does not advocate the audience to action while persuasive presentation, the speaker calls the audience to action. “ Hundreds of automobile deaths monthly are as a result of ignorance from drivers and passengers” is an example of informative presentation while the persuasive presentation is as follows, “ Passengers and drivers don’ t be static, fasten your seat belts each time you enter into a car and always make sure the driver is sober. ” Lastly, informative presentation is accurately conveyed while persuasive information the speaker seeks to influence the attitude, and decides for the audience (Natt 1). The identified informative speech focuses on how the 99 cents became a retailing standby in the contemporary market.

The core concept of the speech is the psychological play regarding how the 99cents offer tend to influence and retain high purchase power of the discounted product. The speech is very informative regarding how the left digit makes the product looks much cheaper while pricing a product at. 99 keeps the product at a lower price band. In this retrospect, the speaker informs the audience that the 99 concept creates an illusion in a consumer’ s mind whereby the products look cheaper by $ 1 dollar.                       To improve the manager speech presentation, I advocate for the use of images.

The manager needs to showcase examples of products priced at 99 and see if it influences the available audiences. Essentially, I will advocate for the use of statistical findings so as to ascertain my argument as a manager. As such I will be encompassing persuasive presentation in my informative presentation purposefully to convince the organization members.

This implies my informative speech will have a strong foundation. Principle of consensus is highly persuasive in the market especially if positive testimonials and commends are showcased by first-person regarding specific products and services. Consequently, it is important to note that in the contemporary society principle of consensus works because the majority of people look to each other when it comes to purchasing products and services (DonorsChoose. org 1). Similarly, the finding indicates that the herd mentality in purchasing product is so strong in human lives (DonorsChoose. org 1).

As such, it can be argued that the principle of consensus works across the majority of people in the current society.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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