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The paper "NLP Communication Model, Organizing a Presentation " is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Analysing this article based on five-part structure starts with attention statement. This is the statement that has been used to capture audience attention. The statement used for attention, in this case, is “ Four Questions That Could Decide Who Wins 2016 Election” . This captures the attention of those following USA elections in a good way. After having the audience attention, the article moves to the introduction. The author starts by showing why the topic is important since the country is gearing towards the full election.

After the introduction, the article moves to the body of the message. The article presents the message in details using clear points and supports them with evidence. Transitions are used in guiding readers from one point to the other. Elections are looked at in details between two competitors. The author then looks at the four questions which are claimed to help in determining who can win. All these claims are supported using statistics and appropriate literature. In the end, the article fails to use a conclusion which would summarise the main points.

The article ends with the fourth question and fails to remind the audience on what they have just covered. It is thus not possible for the article to give the audience a psychological closure (James, 2012). 2.4 This is an A6 paragraph response to the first Journal question under module 2.4 I do not think doublespeak is justifiable in communication. This is due to the fact that it obscures the real meaning and hence makes communication ineffective. It also leads to ethical issues when it dehumanizes humans.

It is important to note that the goal is to have communication which has no misinterpretation. This can only be attained if the form of communication used is clear and concise (James, 2012). Doublespeak is a barrier and a major contributor to misunderstanding in communication. For example, in business communication, there is a need for clear and concise communication. Using double speak in business communication may lead to poor conveyance of the message. It will act as an obstacle making it hard to reach the intended goal.

Another example is when breaking news. If the news is broken using doublespeak, there are high chances that some of the listeners will not get the message clearly. This may lead to grapevine among other disastrous consequences. Also, when making a business deal, the information given to both parties must be clear. This shows that doublespeak should not be used in communication and is never justifiable ineffective communication (James, 2012). 2.5 This is an A7 paragraph response to the first Journal question under module 2.5 http: //blog. nativepartnership. org/alcohol-its-different-for-native-americans/ The signposts used in this article are: Take a look Perhaps Unlike other In addition The signposts help in alerting the audience in changing topic, explanation and examples.

The word “ take a look” is used in alerting the audience on more explanation. It gives examples of the issues that affect the communities. It further goes on to explain that at least one of the social ills mentioned is caused by alcohol. The word “ perhaps” is a signpost used to explain the extent to which alcohol has become a major enemy of the natives. This makes sure that the readers do not lose their place in the discussion.

Another signalling word used in this article is “ unlike other” . This is a signalling word that signals a change in the previous topic. It seeks to differentiate natives and other communities on their experience with alcohol. It also acts as an explanation of the history of alcohol on the Native Americans. “ In addition” is a signal phrase used in adding more explanation. It offers a tangential explanation of the role of culture in alcohol abuse among the Aborigines (Bentley, 2013). These signposts help the readers to keep in pace with the writer and not forget the main discussion points in the article.

They also signal when a change is coming (James, 2012).


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