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IntroductionThe reflective report presents the manner in which the group members worked together in a project which was on Sedgley Park Rebranding. The report focuses on different group dynamic strategies which were used to ensure effectiveness in the working. Further, it also looks into the different problems encountered during the project and the manner the group dealt with it and arrived at a decision. Further, the report also presents the various areas that the leader laid stress on and the manner in which the individual behavior of the members were molded towards a common goal.

The report also highlights the various learning and presents the different areas that ensured efficiency in the group. Finally, the report highlights the manner in which the course learning’s were applied and the manner in which the team was able to get best results and ensure proper report. Group DynamicsThe working within the group helped me to understand the various group dynamics which is required for the success of any organization. The group looked to involve all members and worked on the core strength of each member so that the group project was able to fetch maximum efficiency.

The group looked towards having a leader at different situations which ensured proper direction and motivation to achieve the task. To ensure better results the group looked towards motivating all members of the group which resulted in the group achieving the stated objectives (Latham, 2007). I acted as a leader during different part of the project and provide my insights which helped us greatly in improving the quality of the project. The group looked towards ensuring that all members contributed towards the common goal which helped in gaining efficiency and completing the project as planned.

My skills played a role in shaping the performance of each member as I ensured that the members were assigned role based on their individual skills. The different members presented different ideas and views which were both complimentary and conflicting to each other but the group chose one which would provide maximum efficiency. To ensure that the effectiveness of findings was correct various researches was conducted to ensure the appropriateness of the study (Wee, 2001).

This is supported by the fact that the paper presents the different research design and methodological issues through different literature reviews (Krasnikov and Jayachandran, 2008). The group met regularly and we had discussions on various topics and through the brainstorming session the group was able to find out different ideas which helped to improve the overall performance of the group. The group ensured consistency and looked towards developing different questionnaire which were both open and close ended so that maximum information could be gathered which helped us in the project as it ensured that proper surveys provided correct results.

I took over the main role here looked towards designing the questionnaire that matched the requirements of the group. Other members helped me out in it and the entire team was therefore able to develop a framework which ensured maximum development.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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