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IntroductionThe use of tablet PCs has been said to be the next wave in mobile commerce. The use of mobile devices has been seen by many researchers to be the next battle for companies to make sure that this is implemented and make optimal use of it to bring competency in their businesses. The most outstanding feature of use of tablet PCs is the mobility that comes with it. It has been argued that companies and government agencies will always look for ways in which they will increase efficiencies and be able to work on the move.

Most applications of mobile devices have been on communication and areas which are related to consumer sectors of businesses. The use of tablet PCs for large commercial and government agencies is still a scare for most businesses and government agencies. Gebaur, & Shaw (2004) argue that the scare can be attributed to the security risks that arise because of the use of mobile devices. There is little trust that can be accorded to the use of tablet PCs. Although there is the notion that the use of mobile devices in business can be met with much success, there is little that has been done to ensure that this is in effect.

There is little research that has been done to ensure effective use of tablet PCs, especially tablet PC, in business and government applications. Using tablet PCs have been found to have two impacts to both government and company business operations. The first impact of this is the fact that it increases communication between the management and employees, and among the employees in an organization or in a government agency.

With this efficiency, companies can effectively increase their productivity; this will bring information timeliness and communication efficiency. There are studies which have been done by Matskin and Tveit (2001), Lee and Ke (2001), Kannan et al. . (2001) and Baklasubramanian et al. (2002). These researchers dwelt with the impact that short message services has on businesses. Other researchers chose to do research on how to go about in designing good mobile devices and thus add value to business communications (Raisinghani, 2001; Varshney, 2003; Tarasewich et al. , 2002; Varshney, & Veter, 2002).

There are few studies that have been made on how to adopt the mobile use in business operations and how this will greatly improve the business and government operations. Of all the priorities that are raised that dog the two entities, security outstands in the government and business continuity outstands in the companies. While security for the government has been a priority for long, improving security is still the leading factor and forms a larger part of IT spending for the government.

There is also a need, cutting across the two entities of the need to change the IT equipment that are used by staff. Most people feel that the mobility that is seen with the employees today warrants the need to have them use mobile devices. It is at this disposition that the research will be based on mobile devices and their applications in the companies and government use for optimal performance.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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