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Week 2aLesson 13Vodafone is synonymous with red colour on its logo and the top menu of its website. This brand type presents a personality that is energetic, outgoing and lively such that it is noticeable. Colour analysisVodafone has predominantly used red colour for its logo. This helps the company stand out as a powerful brand amidst other strong competitors. However, although the usage of the colour may make a brand overwhelming and tiring, Vodafone has managed to overcome this by regulating the usage. For instance, when the company is preparing its reports, it only uses the red logo and the heading.

For the website, the colour is eminent at the top menu and the logo only, other parts have adopted other neutral colours. This is illustrated in the following financial report document. Text analysisThe Vodafone Company uses Arial font with different intensity depending on the position of the text. For instance, the headings of the tabs have adopted a 19.5’ text size. This makes the tabs visible and distinguishable from the content below it. For instance, the following diagram displays the second row of the home page of the Vodafone.

This is consistent in all the three sections as indicated in the screen print below. As noted, the company does not use black text if the text size is large; this is balanced by using grey or dark grey colour. This is evident in the colour of the headings. Source: http: //www. vodafone. com/content/index. htmlIn addition, Vodafone does not make use of flushing content on its products as it can be seen on its website. The company makes use of slideshows that move only when clicked. This feature tend to make the website balanced considering that red colour is full of energy and noticeable.

The type of font is also smooth and edgeless, which is blending very well with the circular logo outline as indicated below as well as the font of the word “Vodafone”. Top menuNew logoHowever, there is a form of inconsistency when the company adds bolded font on the first section of the “Latest News”. One might perhaps argue that the part highlights significant new, but the same impact could have been achieved through use of changing pictures. The space between the texts is the other aspect that is noticeable on Vodafone brand.

Although there is the use of small font, there is large amount of white space, which makes the letters readable and visible. Lesson 14From the overall design of the Vodafone website, there is minimal usage of borders. Where they have been used, they are not sharp of the centre of focus. As it can be identified, borders have only been used on mid section area where the border and the background colour are almost the same, dark grey; this is consistent all over the brand websites. Lesson 16For all the content written for the brand, the paragraphs are aligned to the left without indenting.

This is replicated across all media. These together with the margin of the paragraphs achieve the organization and profession feel. In addition, the space between the paragraphs and the next paragraph or elements such as buttons is uniformly separated by double white space. In the following screenshot, the “Frequently asked questions” page clearly shows this aspect of paragraphing.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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