Essays on Key Performances Indicators and Work Breakdown Structure - QTEA Case Study

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The paper 'Key Performances Indicators and Work Breakdown Structure - QTEA" is a good example of a management case study. Oil and gas production in many countries has been in existence for decades. Oil and gas producing countries are rich in gas production and so is the case in Australia. However, the gas-producing countries have not been getting any reasonable benefits for the mineral because they are unable to manufacture by themselves and export. It is due to this problem facing gas-producing nations that the 50TJ team has come up to device ways to produce gas and export with maximum profit and minimized cost of production.

This project will help cut the dependence syndrome by gas-producing nations by other nations. 50TJ has secured a license and tenements to explore and develop unconventional (coal seam) gas reserves for the supply of gas to market in the Australian State of Queensland, as capital works program. QTEA has completed the exploration phase of this program and has proven resources to support the development of a 50TJ gas compression facility. The service will be supplied gas from 40 coal seam gas (CSG) wells.

All but one (1) of the wells are to be located on private landholdings. Each CSG well will produce gas and water. The gas will flow through to the gas compression facility where it will be clean and compressed ready for both the domestic gas supply and international gas supply markets. The global gas supply will be via a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant operated by another entity. The water will flow through to a treatment plant where it will be cleaned and progressed ready for agricultural and industrial use.

The water produced from the wells is saline and as such a by-product of the water treatment is brine. The brine is extracted as part of the treatment and transported by a short conveyor belt to a brine processing facility that will process the brine ready for agricultural and industrial use. Supporting the processing facilities will be administration offices, road network, communications and power network. The processing plants and supporting facilities will be located on land owned or leased by QTEA. The wells will be located predominately on private landholdings for which QTEA will have to negotiate access and entry rights as per the requirements of the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety). Works program that involves the delivery of new gas extraction, gas processing, water processing and associated infrastructure.

The capital works program supported by some ancillary projects involving environmental approvals, land access and sales and marketing. This paper distinguishes key performance Indicators (KPI) for 50TJ gas production for export purposes. As this is key on the grounds that serves to accomplish supportability targets in developing nations.

It expands on past research that created scientific categorization of gas generation, to propose an expository choice model and an organized system for supportability examination in 50TJ gas production extend in a creating continent like Australia. The paper utilizes the 'weighted entirety model' system in the multi-criteria choice investigation (MCDA) and the 'added substance utility model' in scientific progressive procedure (AHP) for multi-criteria choice making, to add to the model for figuring the supportability file fresh esteem for assessing gas creation outline recommendations. It talks about the advancement of the KPIs that are embodied inside of the logical model (Sivalls 39).

It finishes up by talking about other potential use of the proposed model and technique for procedure robotization as a major aspect of incorporated manageability evaluation in gas production design and exporting developing nations.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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