Essays on Human Resource Management and Corporate Social Responsibility Coursework

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The paper "Human Resource Management and Corporate Social Responsibility " is a perfect example of management coursework.   Organizations have realized the need to have a commitment towards CSR and that is why a number of them have engaged in nurturing a corporate culture that underlines the importance of the values of CSR. In addition, the organizations have highlighted the need to check on the CSR competencies so as to achieve the designed benefits. Basically, in every organization, employees play a crucial role in the attainment of the objectives of the organization. Therefore, in this paper, we attempt to investigate the involvement of HRM in the enhancing awareness of CSR.

In that effect, the paper suggests that the HRM should be at the forefront in encouraging the undertaking of CSR to achieve not only desired behavior but the sustainable success of the organization. Introduction For a long period of time, CSR has become a concept that been perceived as being a strategic plan used by organizations to influence how businesses are undertaken. A number of organizations have realized the significance of social responsibility thus they have reframed their principle values to include social responsibility.

Consequently, corporations across the world have used CSR as a way of making sure that they achieve their objectives because CSR forms a foundation from which the HRM can use to obtain sustainable growth for the organization. By and large, having originated from North America, the concept of CSR has been increasingly adopted by organizations in a number of countries in the world. The growth of CSR has an immense impact on the practice of HRM. That is, it influences several issues that range from ethical standards that deal with crucial stakeholders to “ employment practices that attract employees” and the involvement of employees in activities such as volunteering and other social activities (Preuss, Haunschild & Matten, 2009, p. 954).

Primarily, HRM can use CSR to trigger the success of the organization because CSR affects numerous issues in an organization. In the case study, ‘ Care for a Staff Puts a Firm a Step Ahead’ , it is obvious that the functions of HR determine the effectiveness of marketing and at the same time, it ensures accountability.

By paying attention to operation, production, marketing and other functions in an organization, HR improves the well being of the company by marketing the organization to aspiring employees and consumers. Similarly, when the HR evaluates the functions of the organization, accountability is achieved. Therefore, from the case study, it is apparent that HRM leads to greater awareness of CSR and thus the sustainable success of the organization. Literature Review There are various research studies that have pointed out the relationship between HRM and CSR. From the studies, it is apparent that HR can contribute significantly to the implementation of CSR and in turn the attainment of the objectives of the organization.

For example, in a study in Greening and Turban (2000, p. 265), it was found out that the perceptions of employees and job aspirants towards the CSR of an organization influence their attraction towards the organization. Therefore, the CSR influences the attitudes of the employees towards the organization as well as how they undertake their activities while working in that organization. Based on the study, it is evident that the organization’ s CSR affects how the employees view the organization and how they perform their duties.

Consequently, the employees’ performance influences the quality of products and services produced hence the success of the organization.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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