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Closed-circuit televisions: 10How the Closed-circuit television cameras will be working; 11Advantages of using the Closed-circuit television: 11Global System for Mobile communication security systems: 12How the Global System for Mobile communication security systems will work: 12Conclusion: 13Introduction: An intrusion detection system is supposed to detect the intrusion by any unauthorized person to a given facility. Detection systems offer information terms of how to deal with the attacks and other challenges posed to the security system. In our case, the facility at hand is a compound composed of three buildings which contain computer facilities. Due to the fragile nature of data that is contained in this company’s database, it is of much essence to design a security system that will prevent any ill intended individuals from accessing the system either to vandalize the information systems or maybe access it for other mischievous uses (K Scarfone, 2007). Objective: The setting up of a security system that would be effective and to enable a faster communication for an immediate and timely well coordinated security response to be mounted. Activities: For such a kind of action to take place the most important thing is to limit intruders from accessing the place.

The use of a perimeter fence and enough manpower and the integration of other devices like cameras come in handy. In this case, we will device a fence that is manned by guards at the gates. The other parts of the fence will be electrified such that any person planning to jump over will immediately be electrocuted. Above this the fence will be fitted with an alarm system which goes off immediately any intended tampering is detected. Apart from this perimeter fence, we will include a perimeter wall which is used to inhibit seeing of what goes on within the compound.

It is obvious that any person gets attracted to something upon seeing it. The moment this is avoided by erecting a wall, we will have eliminated quite a number of would have been intruders (Buecker et al 2008). Apart from these two fences each building will be fitted with cameras on the outer sides which will serve to detect all movements within the building and also without. The cameras should be having a large memory so as to store the recorded information for a large amount of time.

Some other critical thing to consider with the cameras is the monitoring of the movements. This will be effective when a separate room is set aside for a person to be constantly receiving real time images of the compound. For effectiveness, it is necessary to have night and day shift personnel. The real time images will be displayed by use of digital liquid crystal display screens which will be receiving the information from the cameras.

Hereby is a simple sketch of the compound (K Scarfone, 2007)Main road300mFence 1Fence 2A) Post for the 1st gate guardB) Post for the 2nd gate guardC) Generator for backup powerBuildings 1, 2 and 3 are the three buildings with computers inside the compound.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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