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Developing a Grocery Store with a Fitness Centre in Australia1. Executive SummaryMost grocery stores in Australia are established to sell some variety or category of food products. The system adopted by most such businesses limits any expansion involving the implementation of new ideas. While most grocery stores have expanded to become supermarkets, others have chosen just to focus on one food product line (Grocery Retail, 2004). A change that could be brought about in the grocery food market involves emphasizing health issues by establishing a grocery store with a fitness centre attached. When fitness is mentioned, most people think of gyms and exercise.

These may be essential for keeping fit, but the idea in this case is to reach beyond exercise as such. It is, at the same time, also about research concerning eating habits and traditional eating cultures that are considered healthy. This will influence not only consumers, but also producers so that food supplies will shift towards those most in demand. The idea is to set up grocery stores with fitness centres alongside or integrated into the store.

According to research studies, almost everybody likes to be fit and enjoy good health. With the development of grocery stores encompassing fitness centres, people will be encouraged to visit such centres. The fitness centres in this case will also offer advice on food types and their health benefits in a way similar to what is done in pharmacies. Grocery stores will become more than sellers of foods. The plan is to begin with three medium-sized stores in New South Wales. Consideration will be given to the presence of different cultures in the region (Australian Government, 2009).

With time, these businesses can expand into various other areas and other operational lines. They can develop their own restaurants to prepare foods consistent with healthy eating habits and a variety of cultures, as well as moving into other lines of business depending on the success of the initial endeavours. Since there are so many communities, with different cultures in Australia, these businesses have great opportunities for expansion. The fact that all people prefer to be healthy will also contribute to their success. The adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ can help the businesses grow as good eating habits and healthy eating according to specific community preferences prevent many diseases associated with poor eating choices.

The Italian community, for example, has been considered a model of good eating habits and food preferences. Making use of such knowledge and other important issues will be necessary for business expansion. 2.0 Transmittal letter August, 21st, 2009 Ms Ivy Madeit 7 Success Drive, Hervey Bay, Queensland. . Dear Ms Madeit, I wish to submit the following report based on your request concerning Australian SMEs.

The report is entitled ‘Developing a Grocery Store with a Fitness Centre in Australia’ and informs you of the opportunities available for establishing such a business with particular reference to its structure, area of operation, and external and internal environment analyses. The report also includes reference to the finance required for the business and some start up information linked to the reputation of one of the leading entrepreneurs in Australia, Gerry Harvey.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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