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The paper "WWF Campaign Earth Hour" is a good example of a marketing case study.   WWF is an organization which has been entrusted with the task of looking after the environment and highlighting issues which have an effect on the habitat. The Earth Hour campaign is an example in that direction which brings forward the notion that all economies need to look towards developing a system which helps to reduce environmental pollution and preserve the world’ s natural resources. Through this campaign, the world looks to create concern and look towards switching off the appliances which are not required so that the earth can be protected and interest generated towards the well being of all the earth natural resources. Purpose of the Report To identify the objectives of the campaign and find the manner in which it matches with the WWF objective To identify the result of the campaign and the way it has helped to preserve the earth To identify the strength and weakness of the campaign so that similar such campaign helps to fetch better results WWF Campaign: Earth Hour WWF is an international organization which looks towards different environmental issues that the world bodies are facing.

The organization looks towards highlighting the different issues and bringing it forward to the attention of the common man. WWF highlighted the climatic issues the world is facing which made people look towards reducing it. This resulted in the start of Earth Hour in 2007 in Australia where more than 2.2 million turned off their lights to save the world against climatic change (About, 2011). The main objective of Earth Hour is not to create a blackout but to bring forward the fact that when world bodies unite a solution to the climatic changes that the world is facing can be found out (Earth Hour, 2011).

This helps to create leadership and shows the concern that people have for the planet and taking a collective stand and step can help to fight the climatic changes. The Earth Hour also states that this raises concern about the changes the world is undergoing and taking the necessary steps helps to protect the natural resources. This provides a direction and guidelines to world bodies that it is important to take steps to curb climatic changes and a collaborative step above all caste and creed will help to sustain the changes. Objectives of the Campaign and WWF Earth Hour helped the world bodies as the objectives and mission of both the campaign and WWF were inclined to each other which helped to ensure that the steps taken were productive.

Some of them are as follow WWF objective is to ensure that the pollution level reduces and the world’ s biodiversity is preserved. This objective inclined with the objective of the campaign “ Earth Hour” as with this campaign steps were taken to ensure that the people on an individual level saved the resources by switching off the lights which were not required.

This helped to reduce the carbons which are emitted in the atmosphere and results in pollution (Kazakova, 2009). The objectives got inclined and made people take steps on an individual level so that the natural resources were preserved.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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