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The paper "Evaluation of the Components of the Marketing Mix - DA Garden" is a great example of a marketing case study.   D. A Garden supplies is a garden supply and nursery business that has been existence for the past 13 years. The initial accomplishments of the business led to the addition and subsequent expansion of a café . The firm’ s management comprises a husband and wife team. David is responsible for the garden supply and nursery sections while Alison manages the administration, bookkeeping, and landscaping projects. D. A Garden Supplies employs two full-time cashiers with the rest of the work handled by two cashiers and a landscaping consultant who works on a part-time basis.

The business experienced growth throughout most of life before a sudden decline that began two years ago. Despite these challenges, the business has adequate resources to find a solution that will stop the decline in profitability and spur further growth. Product Characteristics The name of the business gives a clear indication of its core products and services. In addition to garden supplies, the firm has a nursery section and handles landscaping projects.

The owners established a café within the firm that has expanded to serve both takeaways and sit in meals from a wide menu. The firm offers its clients access to some of the best garden supplies around the city. This is done in a personalized manner as the owners get to interact with each customer. The products and services are very significant in the market due to their uniqueness. Customers can avoid large stores like the nearby Bunning’ s store and get the same quality at competitive prices. They also have the chance to develop personal relationships that will give them access to professional advice from an experienced team. Channel of distribution, level of customer service, environmental factors and their impacts D. A.

Garden Supplies’ customers benefit from a distribution channel that has two stages between them and the producers. The firm obtains various supplies from a supplier in Adelaide thus ensuring that they get the best prices. The marketing outcome is that clients get a brand experience that is unique. The prices are low, the quality of products and services is high, and the level of customer service is higher than that offered by larger department stores. A number of external environment factors have bearing on the firm’ s marketing mix.

First, there is a large Bunnings store that offers similar products within 2 kilometres. There is also a small shopping centre across the road, and a new café began operations 18 months ago. These businesses offer different levels of competition and affect the firm’ s marketing mix. Social and cultural changes also have an impact on the way the firm markets itself. Potential Customer Base The customer base includes institutions and homeowners.

The institutions will comprise those firms that are small or medium-sized. On the other hand, the homeowners are the middle-aged professionals who have achieved success and moved to houses that have sizeable gardens. Potential customers are firms that move into the area as well as young adults who are starting families. These groups offer the firm the chance to get steady work over the next 13 years of its life. The key pressure points that should be targeted through marketing activities are price and quality.

These potential customers should get and understand the message that the business offers the highest quality at the best prices in the city.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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