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The paper "Datasquirt Ltd Company Analysis" is an outstanding example of a management case study.   Data squirt limited is a medium-sized company that was founded in the year 2001 and has an employee base of between 11 to 50 employees. The company has its core business in the information technology and services industry. Its activities are basically, contact centers, multichannel non-voice communications as well as the social media. The company though based in Auckland in New Zealand, it also has a business presence in most countries like The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and the United States. Introduction: Data squirt limited is a publicly listed company that deals mainly in the technology and software development fields.

Datasquirt Company was founded in the year 2001 as an experimental company and offered its shares to the public in 2004a public company dealing with the development of software for the information technology and the services industry. It is based in Auckland in New Zealand. Its core business is a software development specifically the non-voice, multichannel contact software solutions used to manage applications like in call centers, debt collection, visa application, status updates, and dispatches for jobs, voter registration or election management as well as competition management Data squirt limited is a medium-sized technological company that develops software for use in the information technology industry.

Major organizations around the world that operate in the information technology field incorporate the CONTACT™ software- a cloud-based software for call centers to manage and improve service delivery to their customers in record keeping and report and productivity assessments in their call center offices. This software has been offered as (saas or software) as a service since the year 2004.

It has been offered as a cloud e-mail and SMS which was expanded to include the offering of web chat and web fax. The main advantages of using contact software as opposed to other applications are that the software is used as a service which can be hosted somewhere else. This separation has its advantages in that operating costs are minimized by the company that uses the software as the technical problems are averted since operations are separated from company operations. This is evidenced by the running of the company, whereby since inception, there has never been a downtime in the system through the system is still simple to implement and also be used by the staff.

Some of the main customers for Data squirt’ s software solutions are Fontena, Coca-cola armatil, Amiway, Silver jet as well as Royal Bank of Scotland. Others include the Royal Mail Group and the Wokingham Borough Council in the United Kingdom. Today’ s contact centre has been put under extreme pressure to really engage efficiently and effectively with customers who desire multiple channels together with social media applications.

Thus to ignore consumer expectations put the corporate brand at great risk. Aaron Ridgway, managing director data squirt ltd.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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