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Essays on HSBC Bank - Macro Environmental Analysis, Buyer Behavior, Target Market, Positioning, 4Ps of Marketing, and Marketing Strategy Case Study

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The paper “ HSBC Bank - Macro Environmental Analysis, Buyer Behavior, Target Market, Positioning, 4P’ s of Marketing, and Marketing Strategy" is an affecting example of a case study on marketing. The banking sector all around the world is undergoing changes and the major factor contributing towards it is the recent financial crisis which has resulted in bank failures. HSBC Bank in the United Kingdom is also looking towards the marketing program so that they are able to deliver better services and win customers. The report presents the manner in which the HSBC bank has developed its marketing program which is helping them to improve their customer base. Purpose of the report To identify the marketing environment of the HSBC bank in the United Kingdom. To identify the manner in which HSBC bank satisfies the different customers through their services by identifying the target customer and positioning To identify the marketing mix followed by HSBC bank HSBC BankHSBC bank is a United Kingdom bank and has more assets than other banks.

The strong network and connectivity have ensured that the bank is situated even in the far of places.

(Company Website, 2010) The bank is in the service sector has ensured quality in service. For this, the bank has a code of conduct which employees need to follow. (Company Website, 2010) Doing so has earned the bank a good reputation and is establishing branches overseas thereby showing the growing popularity and strong reforms followed by the bank. Macro Environmental AnalysisThis analysis will help to identify the potential United Kingdom has for HSBC bank. Since these are factors beyond control so it influences all other companies in similar business similarly.

This will thus act as a tool to decide the strategy to enter the Indian market. PoliticalThe political situation plays a very important role in any industry and more for a developed country. The UK has a very high influence of “ political factors and any changes in decision affect the overall bearing in the sector” . This calls for an understanding of the scenario. Recently, policy changes have affected the growth pattern. (OPpapers, 2010) The political situation has also been affected by the recent economic recession. In spite, of such a situation the stability of the government at the center has ensured reforms to allow more investment in the banking sector. EconomicThe economic situation affects the number of commuters.

The banking industry for a developed country like the UK gets affected by “ the growth rate and the business cycle as during recession people don’ t invest in different banking products during the recession” . (Justin, 2009) The UK, slowly coming out of recession provides an opportunity. The number of people investing in different banking products like insurance, mutual funds have increased. The income level and the growth rate also affect people investing in different products.

(Justin, 2009)SocialThe United Kingdom's culture is strongly influenced by culture prevalent is the social environment. The UK is a diverse country this plays a prominent role. “ With different people from different backgrounds, religion, income level, and habits affect the way a person stays and brings a change in a social outlook” . (Justin, 2008) The service industry ensures that such an environment is created. This helps to ensure that customers are high on satisfaction and remain loyal. This is a common phenomenon seen in the UK that “ they remain loyal to the services which satisfy them and don’ t switch easily even for a price” .

(Justin, 2008) Thus, social factors have a huge role in the UK.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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