Essays on Rescue And Fire Service Management Assignment

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Number of the floors - 32 storeys Fully occupied – 1700 guests Location – Abu Dhabi, UAE It was on the 11th of June, Wednesday that a devastating fire broke in Le Royal Meridien Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The fire broke in that huge building of 32 floors, due to some short circuit in the 25th floor. The effects were tremendous. It hardly took any moment for the fire to spread all over the places. The consecutive buildings were all under its influence. Within a span of 40 minutes the fire spread all over the floors above the 25th floor.

The whole atmosphere got chaotic and people all over started screaming. Due to the short circuit the automated main switches got tripped and as such darkness was everywhere, except for the few emergency lights that glowed dimly in the smoked filled atmosphere. There were heavy losses of property as many buildings were interconnected. In the hotel itself there were at least a population of 1700 guests in the various floors. The fire spread all over with huge affect and was immense till the 19th floor.

Everywhere there is running and rushing people. It was till the 29th floor towards the top and the 20th floor towards the ground that the fire spread. Later it was discovered that fortunately there was no life lost. The fire also spread all over the other buildings creating more threats. As it was an accident due to electrical disorder the spread was though comparatively slow but the affects were much more than anybody could ever imagine. Everything that was a good conductor of electricity started getting the impact of the current.

The place became riskier and people were all in a very dangerous state. The fire broke at about 3 o’clock in the morning. It was a time when almost the streets were empty but people were all thronged in the hotel. The Le Royal Meridien Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE, is such a hotel that is well known for its services and as such usually is crowded round the clock and throughout the year. The time when the sparking started in the 25th floor the matter was not noticed well, but as it grew and people started seeing fire in the curtains the whole episode began.

All the people started running towards the ground floor and there was this huge crowd followed. As it was a moment when everybody was fast a sleep the chaos took some time to grow but as everyone woke up it was a huge massive crowd. Risk assessmentsAs it was darkness all around the process of saving more people became more difficult and the risk kept on increasing. There was a situation of helplessness and nervousness in everyone.

It was more because people who were in the building were hardly aware of the ways to get rid of that fire. They were all just running nowhere. There was attempt of saving life in a more technical way. People were screaming all over for help. The fire brigade people were called and the rescue team were on their way. Added to this the trouble was more as it was dusk and the sunlight was not that prominent. Most of the people could not come out if the building as they could not find the way.

There was no electricity and the emergency lights were not helping much. Children were more terrified and people were trying to get rid of each dangerous situation.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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