Essays on Uses and Limitations of Questionnaires Assignment

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  The paper 'Uses and Limitations of Questionnaires' is a wonderful example of a Management Assignment. The completion of this assignment was facilitated by the effective use of theories from various sources, such as books authored by Beiske and Robson. A literature review is highly essential in the study as it illuminates what other people say about the issue under study. Plagiarism is one of the things that are put into serious consideration before embarking on the study. To avoid it, the study ensured that any information borrowed from the two resources is acknowledged by providing clear citations. Introduction The paper focused on the evaluation of the quality survey of Salle A Manger.

The performance of the study was facilitated by collecting information in relation to the research question. The research team employed the survey method, which is the use of questionnaires in the collection of information. Notably, the management of CHN University management has carried out the survey on the restaurant, Salle A Manger. The management made a request to create a questionnaire and conduct it in the restaurant basically because the restaurant is one of the training hotels in the university.

The major aim of the questionnaire in the study is to gather sufficient information regarding the topic of study and to provide an accurate analysis of the information. Upon analyzing the information collected through questionnaires, there is an explicit identification of research objectives. The resources used in the study also have sufficient information in relation to the study; thus they played a great role in the successful completion of the study. Furthermore, this paper will provide criticisms of the study as well as offer appropriate recommendations for any future studies that might be conducted regarding this topic. Research aim and objectives The main aim of the study is to examine the objectives and purpose of the Salle A Manger restaurant.

The purpose and objectives of the restaurant that the study intends to investigate are limited to the time of carrying out the study. Therefore, some of the objectives of the study include: To examine the performance of the restaurant in terms of quality of the services delivered to the customers To investigate on the level of satisfaction that customers achieve in the firm To identify the variety and quantity of products and services that the restaurant offers to its clients. To find out the prices of services and goods that the hotel offers its clients.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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